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Alabama Nightclub Arrest Questioned

Security video shows Birmingham police officers using force on a man in front of a Birmingham nightclub. The video was has triggered an internal investigation of the officers.

March 31, 2011

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Steele @ 3/31/2011 6:17 PM

Okay that looks like a little too much. Anyone know what the offense he committed before the captured footage? I mean in the black and white of it, it looks like excessive force. But if this was the ending of a pursuit that began with an officer shooting, brandishing of a weapon, etc. it could be .01 more understandable of the force that was used.

The initial blow seemed....alright, since it looked like the suspect was continuing to evade the officer. (Officer A was pushing him, Officer B pushed him forward getting him out of reach of Officer A, Officer A hits him with closed downward fist) That could be somewhat defendable. But it's the repeated strikes on the ground...

bpd3733 @ 3/31/2011 6:30 PM

I know a former officer who went to prison for this exact same thing. He was charged with aggravated assault because he pounded on the suspect after he was face down on the ground.

Lt. Terry L. Kiser, Sr. @ 3/31/2011 8:40 PM

Twenty-nine years of experience says these cops, especially the first one that swung the most blows was out of control and should be fired for his actions. Then they knee the guy in the head too! A blind man could see how wrong they were. I did not see the guy fight back, but it did appear he was refusing to put his hands behind him. He looked like he tried to cover his head to ward off the blows to me. Still he did not desrve the beating he got. This is a sad testimony as to why so many don't like police officers.

Donald D Moore @ 3/31/2011 11:27 PM

and you wonder why the public wants to control the police, thay is a true lack of training and supervision. I don't know how you say he is trying to evade he clearly has his hands up and is walking with his feet spread, looks like he is looking for a safe place to land knowing he is going to get taken down

Rainer Ruettger @ 4/1/2011 6:23 AM

Hey, I´m a police officer since 1980, that´s over 30 years. And THIS is not the way to arrest a person, who does clearly surrender. I only ask, who and how these officers were trained!! Mr. Donald More is absolutly right! All these officers involved in this incident where out of control - that should not happen! Im very sorry to see this scene.

Gabe @ 4/1/2011 7:07 AM

Wow, seriously? I have been in LE for 34 years. Hands up and 5 guys is a no brainer. IF you have to escort him to the wall or to the ground do it. But throwing there and beating his A%%. Good luck in your future employment because you're gone.

gmapopo @ 4/1/2011 8:24 AM

Wow...why not just hand him a blank check each blow could cost thousands of dollars...The officers present give the rest of us a bad name. The ones abusing their authority are the worst. The ones not stopping the others look bad too!

Turbo @ 4/1/2011 10:23 AM

Good luck in this economy, fellas. Did anyone else see the gun sliding across the ground? Either 2 hands on the suspect, or two hands on the gun, knucklehead.

walker b webber @ 4/1/2011 11:38 AM

the law says a police officer can use as much force as necessary to make the arrest!!! after the take down and he was on the ground any and all hits kicks etc is plain abuse!!! Look up and see , i know because i was a officer for 25 yrs and unless the law has changed, these officers were out of control.

George @ 4/1/2011 1:29 PM

I've watched over and over, picking 1 aspect each time. His hands are up but he's walking away. Those are prison/jail tactics after violent assaults - 'you cant do anything, my hands are up.' They try to push him down and he tries to stay up. His hands go underneath and stay there. Compliant means doing exactly what the officer says, nothing more, nothing less. He’s saddled and does pushups. He does not have the right to resist a lawful arrest (assuming it's lawful). Pounded/raining blows?; it's 3 seconds, from :08 to :11. Sorry but some allow strikes as use of force, and successfully defend it even in liberal courts. What do you use.. slapping? It takes almost 60 secs for the officer at the head to gain control of the right arm, and he’s not little. Not until 1:37 do they get the left arm behind his back. And the whole thing is over in less than 2 minutes. I can only imagine your comments If he came up with a gun and shot someone on top of him. Having had a traffic stop with a drug dealing gang member come out of a car on one of my officers with a gun in hand behind his back, hammer locked back, just yesterday, when he first refused to step out of the car, reminds me of an appropriate perspective on compliance, use of force and the criminals (some with no less description than that of Evil) we arrest. Hopefully their dept will be rushed to decide, until it is ... um what’s that called we do in police work... oh that’s right; investigated. Does it really take nothing more than 2 minutes of video with no audio, captured from a single view to demand words like "fire" him, “Clearly gave up” - Tell the same to the officers murdered in Florida by the garbage who said he gives up and then shoots them in the attic. With expert resumes of “I’ve been a cop since..” do all a favor if you know enough by looking at that video; retire. Congratulations for your longevity. What a shame.

scott @ 4/1/2011 8:23 PM

George... Right on Brother! I saw the same things you saw. This POS was fighting on the ground. He NEVER complied. I say good police work. Remember he had just broken into and taken the keys to an unmarked police car... oh yes, AND they found a stolen gun in the car. Hmmm doesn't take a rocket scientist to put 2 and 2 together. Come on guys! I shudder to think if this is the response they're getting from Monday morning COP quarterbacks, they don't stand a chance seeing as how they've already been convicted in the media. I tell you what; the thin blue line isn't what it used to be... again, good looking out George

Blacksmith1189 @ 4/4/2011 9:02 AM

These are the kinds of situations which can land officers in prison for violation of Civil Rights! I'm sure we'll see much more of this story in the news pretty soon. It's on you tube but I can only assume the media has not gotten this video because I have not seen it on television, which often fans the flames.

With over 34 years in LE, this is not going to end pretty for the officers. They will need a great attorney or I'll wonder how many zeors will be on this check? Officers have to keep a level head becuase the days of street justice expried decades ago!

gmapopo @ 4/4/2011 1:41 PM

Was that the officers gun sliding across the sidewalk????? He gets up to go get it...I watched it again and YES it was his gun...

ghost8 @ 4/4/2011 5:26 PM

Did any one noticed the officer in blue w/ yellow hat drop his pistol and flew in front of him about 10 feet. Clearly it is battery.

Battle @ 4/6/2011 2:34 PM

It is amazing how many "Deadly Strikes" the Officer who had fully mounted the subject was throwing. I am a DT Instructor and I don't teach UFC or MMA styles of fighting to subdue as subject. As LEO we must understand that we are not UFC fighters. We have rules and regulations that we must abide by at all times. How we use force is scruitinized by everyone. Excessive Force is what we definitely see on this video. As much as we would like to ground and pound the subject, we are trained to be under control. I do not like to "Monday Morning Quarterback," but as fellow LEO's we have to check these actions when we spot them and not go along to get along.

J1613R @ 4/12/2011 7:22 AM

George...couldn't have said it better. Did anyone else see the little, shiny gun skittering across the pavement? Did anyone else see the passive resistant prison "hey I'm giving up" tactics this guy employed? To all those who are yelling "been a cop for 30 years," "clearly out of control,"fire them" please do yourselves and your fellow officers a favor...retire...

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