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Chicago Police Department Now Fully Deployed with Axon's TASER Smart Weapons

April 11, 2018
, has announced that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is now fully deployed with nearly 7,000 TASER X

Axon Body 2
Axon Body 2

February 28, 2018
Protect officers. Protect citizens. Protect truth.

Axon Body 2
Axon Body 2

January 29, 2018
Reduce unwarranted complaints and capture events exactly how they happen, in full HD with enhanced security.

OK Man Attacks Officers with TASER, Police Say

January 11, 2018
An Oklahoma man was arrested last week after he reportedly grabbed a TASER from a Seminole

San Francisco Police Commission Approves Restrictive Taser Policy

March 15, 2018
officers can use Tasers, bringing a months-long debate over the less-lethal tools to an end and clearing

Less-Lethal Options
Less-Lethal Options

April 4, 2018
. Axon TASER X2

San Francisco Police Chief and Mayor Clash Over Ballot Initiative on TASERs

March 2, 2018
ballot measure to arm San Francisco officers with TASERs. On Thursday, Mayor Farrell issued

Axon Body 2
Axon Body 2

November 28, 2017
More than ever, you need to be able to protect truth at a moment’s notice.

Less-Lethal Tools
Less-Lethal Tools

November 6, 2017
. Axon TASER X2 and TASER X26P

New Chicago PD Policy Discourages Using Tasers on People Who Flee

December 26, 2017
The Chicago Police Department has tightened its policy on Taser use, rewriting the rules

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