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Pelican HeadsUp Lite Series

January 1, 2003

LightBar Antenna - STI-CO Industries

December 1, 2002
The new STI-CO VHF, UHF, and cellular antennas can be mounted on a lightbar without drilling additional holes in the car, saving installation costs and preserving resale value.

Magnum Elite Series Boots

December 1, 2002

Motorola Handheld

December 1, 2002

Ballistic Shield - Patriot3

December 1, 2002
Patriot3's Minuteman First Responder ballistic shield is useful for a variety of security situations. Stowed, the shield is 24x15 inches. It can be ready to deploy at its full length of 48 inches in just 30 seconds. The shield comes in a compact carry case and is available in black, yellow, and camo Cordura covers.

Kahr Arms PM9

December 1, 2002
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