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Lewis Machine & Tool Co. has been busy over the last year. The first new product from LMT is the SLK8, a long, slick upper that was developed for competitive shooters. Four inches longer than the company's previous LM8MRP, the SLK8 allows greater hand distance for better accuracy. The SLK8 ships standard with a 16-inch stainless steel 1:7.5 twist barrel but is available with a 20-inch barrel. The SLK8 also includes a two-stage match trigger. LMT has also designed a new DMR Buttstock. The new DMR Buttstock allows greater operator customization over the company's previous SOPMOD Buttstock and offers 45 positions for adjusting length of pull and cheek rest height. The DMR Buttstock incorporates the SOPMOD-style cheek rest, SOPMO

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