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Dead Suspects in WTC Terrorist Attack Get Visas

March 14, 2002
Huffman Aviation school received some interesting mail recently: student visa approval forms for two men believed to have been hijackers of the jetliners that slammed into the World Trade Center in New York on Sept. 11.

Plan to give Florida Police INS Duties Sparks Debate

March 8, 2002
A pilot project to give some Florida police officers federal power to arrest illegal immigrants would merge the roles of local law enforcement and the INS, sparking fears that the new arrangement may erode immigrants' trust in police.

Detroit Police Lapel Pin Criticized

March 8, 2002
Detroit's new police chief, Jerry Oliver, recently distributed to precincts lapel pins that say "Mind'N Our Business." Complaints and confusion have ensued.

Ex-officer in Louima Case Out on Bail

March 8, 2002
Former police officer Charles Schwarz, convicted in 1999 for the 1997 torture of Abner Louima, was freed on $1 million bail to await a new trial.

Court Overturns 3 Convictions in Louima Police Brutality Case

February 28, 2002
A federal appeals court has thrown out the convictions of three of the four police officers sent to prison in the torture of Haitian immigrant Abner Louima.

Death Raises Questions About Less-Lethal Weapons

February 21, 2002
The death of a man shot by police with a Taser stun gun in Philadelphia has caused civil liberties groups to question the safety of nonlethal weapons.

National Memorial Concert

February 21, 2002
PBS' 2002 National Memorial Day Concert will pay special tribute to the Americans who are serving in the war against terrorism and the victims and heroes of Sept. 11.

States Push For "Smarter" Driver's Licenses

February 21, 2002
Lawmakers and government agencies are pushing for "smart" driver's licenses to reduce identity fraud in the wake of Sept. 11. But many fear this will lead to virtual national identity cards that could infringe upon the private rights of citizens.

Hearing Impaired Ex-Cadet Wins Case For Reinstatement

February 14, 2002
A federal jury awarded a former police cadet $847,785 in damages, deciding that the hearing-impaired man can safely serve as a police officer in Boston, more than four years after the police academy pulled him out of the academy graduation for perceived hearing lapses.

Police Face Charges of Negligence in Death

February 14, 2002
Instead of stopping a drag race between Aaron Reynolds, 34, and Mustapha Mohammed Atat, 30, four police officers sat in their cars, blasting music and urging the race to continue, according to prosecutors.
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