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August 2018 Issue

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Cover Story

Matching Night Vision Gear to Your Mission

By Paul Pawela

The experience of law enforcement agencies proves the benefits of having different night vision tools in the field.

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<p>(Photo: W. Thomas Smith Jr.)</p>

The Evolution of SWAT Operator Selection  

The SWAT candidate assessment process at a South Carolina agency shows how tactical teams are looking for more than just extreme athletes and great shots.

<p>(Photo: Franklin Rau)</p>

Improving SWAT Operations  

Experts say the chance for positive outcomes during tactical team callouts will increase with better selection of team members, organization of teams, training of operators and commanders; and with more effective use of equipment and technology.

<p>(Photo: Getty Images)</p>

Tactical Medical Response to School Shootings  

Officers trained in first aid responding to school shootings have to do what they can to help the victims who can be saved.

<p>(Photo: 5.11 Tactical)</p>

Footwear 2018  

These boots are made to be rugged while keeping your feet comfortable all through your shift.

<p>(Photo: Armor Express)</p>

Headwear 2018  

Wear these helmets and hats to protect your head from sun and more on duty.

<p>(Photo: 5.11 Tactical)</p>

Gloves 2018  

Protect your hands on duty.

<p>(Photo: 5.11 Tactical)</p>

Eyewear 2018  

Preserve your vision with duty-ready glasses.


<p>Illustration: Sequoia Blankenship</p>

Ornery Little Facts  

Police are not the enemy of the American public despite what the activists and media say.

<p>Jon Adler</p>

Hypocrisy in Congress  

Many who believe the anti-Trump bias of an FBI agent didn't affect his investigation also believe every officer is biased against minorities.

<p>Contributing Web Editor Doug Wyllie</p>

Preventing Struck-by-Vehicle Duty Deaths  

To save the lives of officers who work this country's highways, a culture change needs to happen.

<p>Editor David Griffith (Photo: Kelly Bracken)</p>

The Deep Fakes are Coming  

We are about to enter an era where all video and audio evidence may be more suspect than it's ever been.


<p>The OD40 comes with a zippered nylon case and both red and green filters. There&rsquo;s also a mounting kit available with dual rings and a remote pressure switch. (Photo: Optical Dynamics)</p>

Police Product Test: Optical Dynamics OD40 Long Distance Illuminator  

The OD40MM Illuminator Kit from Optical Dynamics provides high-power illumination with minimal light bleed.

<p>Propper Switch Vest (Photo: Propper)</p>

Police Product Test: Propper Switch Vest  

This modular body armor is designed for both tactical and patrol operations.


<p>All pension funds have their ups and downs according to the market, but public employee pension funds are dangerously underfunded. (Photo: Getty Images)</p>

The Growing Gap in Pension Funding  

Government retirement programs may not be as safe as you think. Here's what you can do to protect your future.

<p>A wide variety of extremely effective long guns can be concealed in an easy-to-carry pack, including short-barreled rifles, carbines with folding stocks, and pistol caliber submachine guns and carbines. (Photo: Brian Marshall)</p>

Discreetly Carrying Long Guns in Public  

Many Americans get alarmed and even angry when they see officers equipped with rifles or submachine guns at events, so you need methods for covertly carrying them.

<p>Get as fit as you can before entering the academy because passing the test to get in is just the beginning. (Photo: POLICE File)</p>

How To Survive the Academy  

Police Academy Instructor Patrick Martin shares 10 tips to help prospective officers meet the rigors of police training.

<p>PursuitAlert delivers a visible alert, an audible alert, and push notification to the user&#39;s phone. (Photo: PursuitAlert)</p>

Pursuit Alert: 21st Century Siren  

Anyone can download the PursuitAlert app for free. It delivers a visible alert, an audible alert, and push notification to the user's phone that a pursuit is occurring in the vicinity. 

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