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May 2018 Issue

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Cover Story

Specialty Vehicles for LEOs

By Melanie Basich

These vehicles help officers accomplish their missions in a wide range of environments.

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<p>(Photo: FN)</p>

The Latest Duty Pistols  

Four of the world's largest gunmakers are competing to provide American law enforcement with the next great service weapon.

<p>(Photo: ATS Armor)</p>

A Blueprint for Making Better Armor  

The National Institute of Justice has proposed a much-needed revision to the terminology and testing procedures used for certifying vests and hard plates.

<p>LEOSA lets qualified officers and retired officers carry nationwide. (Photo: Getty Images)</p>

Understanding the LEOSA Qualification Process  

The requirements for a retired officer to carry under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act are simple, so agencies and officers shouldn't complicate them.

<p>(Photo: Getty Images)</p>

Evaluating a Pistol for Duty Use  

Many factors go into determining what handgun is best for your agency.


<p>Dave Smith (Illustration: Sequoia Blankenship)</p>

Your Skin is in the Game  

When policymakers implement ridiculous rules that get people hurt, LEOs are the ones who have to deal with the consequences.

<p>Jon Adler</p>

Disarm Before Entering  

Too many public facilities, including the 9/11 Museum, slam the door on armed officers with LEOSA carry rights.

<p>David Griffith (Photo: Kelly Bracken)</p>

Pray for the Portland Police  

Oregon's largest city is a locus of anti-police sentiment and calls for de-policing, which makes it an extremely difficult place to wear a badge.


<p>The Safariland 6390RDS ALS Holster is ideal for handguns equipped with red-dot optics. (Photo: Safariland)</p>

Police Product Test: Safariland 6390RDS ALS Holster  

Law enforcement officers looking for a reliable, sturdy holster to fit an optic-equipped pistol should take a look at the Safariland 6390RDS ALS Holster

<p>(Photo: N-ear)</p>

Police Product Test: N-ear Stealth 360 Earpiece  

This listen-only earpiece is designed from the ground up to provide crystal clear audio for covert or discreet operations.

<p>The FN 509 duty pistol is a modified version of the pistol the company submitted for the Army&#39;s Modular Handgun System competition. (Photos: A.J. George)</p>

FN America 509 Duty Pistol  

FN's new 9mm is accurate and reliable and a great choice for a service or self-defense gun.


<p>Lincoln (NE) Police Department officers have referred more than 1,900 people to the Mental Health Association (MHA) of Nebraska&#39;s REAL program, and 85% of those people have accepted services. (Photo: Lincoln (NE) Police Department)</p>

Lincoln (NE) Police Department  

The Lincoln PD partners with mental health providers to get REAL about helping individuals in a mental health crisis.

<p>Mark Divine of SEALIFT leads athletes through a breathing and meditation exercise. (Photo: Mark Divine)</p>

Making Meditation Not Suck  

If you start slow and adapt your meditation practice to the first responder lifestyle you'll be able to reap the benefits.

<p>Many law enforcement officers no longer carry a baton, but it is still a very useful tool. The baton gives officers another effective force option. (Photo: Peacekeeper Products International)</p>

Batons: More Than Just a Club  

The baton is a multi-purpose tool that you can use to strike a subject, push a subject away, or as a lever to move a subject into a control position.

<p>Having a clear outline and vision is the first step to creating effective policy. (Photo: Getty Images)</p>

How To Develop a Policy  

Do your research and follow an outline to create a fleshed out protocol that benefits your agency and officers.

<p>Brekford&nbsp; Traffic Safety&#39;s Argos camera records video of motorists who neglect to move over when you are stopped on the side of the road. (Photo: Brekford Traffic Safety)</p>

Move Over Or Else  

Brekford Traffic Safety's Argos Guardian Move Over Camera is designed to mount to an officer's vehicle and document move-over violations to make officers safer.

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