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January 2018 Issue

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<p>Nationwide, tens of thousands of rape kits have been collected but never submitted for DNA testing. Photo: Getty Images</p>

Busting the Backlog  

By establishing new policies for processing rape kit evidence and by adopting victim-centered investigation strategies, departments can close more sexual assault cases.

<p>Photo Courtesy of Sydney Vail</p>

Police Surgeon  

Dr. Sydney Vail rolls out with a SWAT team, trains law enforcement officers in hemorrhage response, and operates on wounded officers as a gunshot wound specialist.

<p>Getty Images</p>

The Lighter Side of Enforcing the Law  

From traffic stops to the courts, sometimes the best tool an officer has for meeting the challenges of the job is a sense of humor.

<p>A Seattle SWAT officer was impressed his Haix boots were quiet on normally &quot;squeaky flooring&quot; when wet.&nbsp;Photo: Seattle PD SWAT</p>

Haix Triple Tactical Boot Wear Test  

Three tactical teams put three pairs of Haix footwear through their paces and shared their feedback.

<p><em>Photo: Smith &amp; Wesson</em></p>

Firearms 2018  

Makers of long guns and handguns for law enforcement operations will be marketing a broad range of new and ongoing product lines this year.

<p><em>Photo: Black Hills Ammunition</em></p>

Ammunition 2018  

Ammunition manufacturers are starting the year off with new product offerings.

<p><em>Photo: Armor Express</em></p>

Police Protective Gear 2018  

Makers of law enforcement armor, helmets, and shields have plans to introduce new products or improve existing products in the coming year.

<p><em>Photo: Troy Acoustics Corporation</em></p>

Firearms Training Equipment 2018  

When you're looking to improve your shooting practice, look to these tools.


<p>Illustration: Sequoia Blankenship</p>

The End  

You create the ending of your own story, every call, every crisis, every day.

<p>Greg Meyer</p>

Will the New Year be Safer for You?  

Your profession is dangerous, but you can improve your odds by educating yourself and by being careful on the job.


<p>Photo: Rich Portwood</p>

Lotar Combat Akrav Gen II Knife  

This high-end folder was designed to be a serious defensive weapon and survival tool for law enforcement and the military. 

<p><em>Photo: Rich Portwood</em></p>

Police Product Test: Lotar Combat Akrav Gen II Knife  

This high-end folder was designed to be a serious defensive weapon and survival tool for law enforcement and the military.


Reading List to Make 2018 Your Best Financial Year Yet  

I want to share a list of the four books that have most impacted my financial success as I've made a study of wealth building over the last several years.

<p>Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete performs high-intensity kettlebell swing&nbsp;and catch exercises.&nbsp;Photo: Jeff Martone</p>

Just Get It Done  

Scheduling high-intensity workouts is much easier when you have an actionable plan.

<p>Photo: Joe Fiorentino</p>

Defending Against the Choke  

One of the first things any attacker will attempt to do to you in a physical confrontation is to cut off the oxygen to your brain, so it's important for you to know how to escape and counter that assault.

<p>Drones are useful for searches, reconnaisance, photographing crime scenes, and limited surveillance. <em>Photo: Michael Hamann</em></p>

How to Implement and Justify a Drone Program  

Unmanned aircraft can perform a variety of critical law enforcement missions; just make sure you have community support and federal permission.

<p>The Blowback Laser Trainer can be used at home or in a classroom for firearms practice and training. <em>Photo: Blowback Laser Trainer</em></p>

Blowback Laser Trainer: The Practice Gun  

Featuring the ergonomics of a duty gun and significant felt recoil, the Blowback Laser Trainer was designed for law enforcement firearms instruction for both the novice and the expert shooter.

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