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August 2017 Issue

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Cover Story

SWAT in the 21st Century

By David Griffith

Equipment, tactics, and technology are obvious changes in SWAT, but there have been much more subtle developments in SWAT philosophy, especially in terms of training and standards.

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<p><em>Photo by Vincent Taroc.</em></p>

Risk Management for Law Enforcement  

Law enforcement agencies and officers face considerable liability when things go bad during operations, so mitigating this risk is critically important.

Headwear 2017  

These caps and helmets provide protection and comfort for officers, depending on their needs.

Gloves 2017  

This hand protection is made to withstand hard use on duty while providing comfort and functionality.

Boots 2017  

These boots are built to keep you on your toes and ready for action.

Eyewear 2017  

Whether you need protection from the sun or impact, this eyewear has you covered.

Speed Enforcement Tools 2017  

These products help law enforcement monitor drivers' speeds and keep communities safer.


<p>Illustration: Sequoia Blankenship</p>

People of Probity  

Modern law enforcement officers uphold a longheld tradition of protecting citizens and preserving freedom.

<p>Jon Adler</p>

The Stand with Honor Alliance  

The National Law Enforcement Museum will include true stories of officer experiences. Here's how you can participate.

Learn to Love Chaos  

If you can't make order out of chaos, then you shouldn't be a supervisor.

<p>Photo: Kelly Bracken</p>

Bearing False Witness  

As law enforcement officers you have to put up with a lot of people bearing false witness against you. It seems to be the national pastime these days.


<p>If you have a mortgage on the home you live in then it is not an asset. It is the bank&#39;s asset. It is your liability. <em>Photo courtesy of Getty Images.</em></p>

How to Pay for the Things You Want  

Understand the difference between assets and liabilities, know which is which, and quit borrowing to pay for liabilities. It's making you poor.

<p>Running drills are just one part of this law enforcement fitness program. <em>Photo courtesy of Cranberry Township, PA Police Department.</em></p>

Incentives and Volunteers  

A Pennsylvania police department's voluntary fitness program is motivating officers and helping build community.

<p>Training wearing full gear in the water will help officers prepare to swim with extra weight should they need to do so in the field.<em> Photo by Dave Young.</em></p>

Make Your Training Real  

If your defensive tactics training doesn't reproduce the conditions you will face on the street, then you are training to fail.

<p>Be honest with yourself about what you think went wrong during the promotion process so you can learn from your mistakes. (Photo: Getty Images)</p>

How To Deal With Being Passed Over for Promotion  

For those seeking promotion, there is always the possibility of not getting one. Although when you don't get the promotion it might seem like the end of the world, it isn't.

<p>Photo: Car &amp; Driver</p>

PacSci EMC's NightHawk: Safer Pursuit Stopper  

To deploy PacSci EMC's NightHawk, the officer sets the open case on the ground along the road and can then stand up to 100 feet away. When the target vehicle gets near, pressing a remote control button launches a string of spike strips across the roadway.

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