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Autonomous Robots Prevent Crime

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Stacy Dean Stephens

VP Marketing & Sales

October 2010 Issue

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POLICE-TREXPO East 2010 Report from the Aisles  

Each year at POLICE-TREXPO, the trade show and exposition attracts some of the leading manufacturers of tactical products and vehicles. This year's show was no exception. The aisles were packed with innovative and intriguing new tools and machines. Here's a look at some of the highlights.

The Mexican border has become a militarized zone, according to the POLICE-TREXPO panel members.

Panel Tells TREXPO Audience that What Happens on the Border Affects Entire Country  

Speaking to a POLICE-TREXPO East audience at Chantilly's Dulles Convention Center, Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzales of Zapata County, Texas, said the influence of Mexican drug cartels and human trafficking gangs is now nationwide.

Emerson Warns POLICE-TREXPO East Audience of "Stealth Jihad" Danger  

Noted author and investigative journalist Steven Emerson began his August 19 keynote presentation at POLICE-TREXPO East in Chantilly, Va., by explaining that he was going to talk about two types of jihad: the violent type and what he calls the "stealth jihad."

By comparing the size and shape of the incendiary devices in this arson case, video analysis yielded definitive proof that the suspect held the same items in the video.

Video Analysis: Caught on Camera  

Ocean Systems' dTective is a video analysis software suite devoted to the task, which the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office in Texas routinely uses to run one of four regional labs across the country dedicated to retrieving and processing video evidence.

Chasing Ghosts In a Civil Rights Era Cop Killing  

On June 2, 1965, Dep. O'Neal Moore and Dep. David "Creed" Rogers were patrolling near their homes in Varnado, a very small town on the Mississippi border. The deputies were heading for a stop at the Moores' house for dinner. They never tasted the meal.

Investigating Gang Homicides  

A gang murder investigation requires your best detective skills to solve the crime and protect the witnesses.

The Hazards of Traffic Stops  

Pulling over a motorist can result in a simple citation or a raging gun battle. You have to be prepared for either one.

First Mobile Technologies

Computer Mounts and Docking Stations  

Computer mounts and docking stations keep information at officers' fingertips while in their vehicles.

What to Look for in a Backup Gun  

Because of the tough economic times most agencies issue only a duty sidearm, and the officer wishing to carry a backup can purchase one from a department-approved list. Let's take a look at some of the characteristics you should look for in a BUG.


Illusion of Confidence  

The scary part is when we ourselves are confidently wrong we're completely oblivious to it.

Photo via Hoonah (Alaska) PD.

Small Town Doesn't Mean Small Time  

Small town cops are just as likely to be killed as their big city counterparts.


Pelican Products 2490 Recoil LED Light

Police Product Test: Pelican Products 2490 Recoil LED Light  

Scott Smith reviews the Pelican Products 2490 Recoil LED Light, EOTAC Operator Grade Emerson Folding Knife, Haix GSG9S Boots, and 5.11 Tactical Taclite2 Gloves.

Sturm, Ruger & Co. KLCR 357 Compact Revolver  

I am an avowed fan of the revolver in general and short-barreled revolvers in particular. So I was prepared to like the LCR. And I'm happy to tell you it did not disappoint me.


Shots Fired: Mission Viejo, California 03/09/2008  

Two Orange County deputies stood between a mall robber and his desperate bid for freedom.

HG2 Runner lights allow passing motorists to see police vehicles from the side, which can prevent accidents.

Lower Profile Lighting  

Traffic collisions continue to claim the lives of more law enforcement officers than any other type of incident each year. HG2 Emergency Lighting aims to lower that statistic with its Runner lighting solution, debuting at the International Association of Chiefs of Police show in Orlando this month.

Wargaming as Training  

The reason wargaming training is so cost effective is that in its most basic form, the only resources an agency needs are time and imagination.

<p><em><strong>Officer Michael K. Neal rammed into cop killers and stopped their attack with his rifle.</strong></em></p>

Officer's Quick Action Ends Shootout with Two Cop Killers  

Wildlife Officer Michael K. Neal of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission stopped a father and son duo from killing more people by ramming his truck into their vehicle. For his actions, he has been named the October 2010 Officer of the Month by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

If you've trained for real-life situations, you'll be ready to react appropriately, even from the ground.

MMA is Not the Biggest Threat  

It's our failure to train properly that gets us into trouble. The threat we face in law enforcement today is not from MMA or anything like it. The biggest threat we face is ourselves.

Second Amendment v. Gun Control  

As a result of these back-to-back rulings from the Supreme Court, neither the federal government nor any city, county, or state may enforce any law that creates a blanket prohibition against the possession of firearms by an individual in the home.

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