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December 2008 Issue

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Cover Story

The State of American Law Enforcement - Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't

By Dean Scoville

Perhaps nowhere in contemporary American society does the question of the right tool for the right job come into play more often than in matters of police use of force.

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Just a Touch: Using Touch DNA Evidence  

Amazing. This unknown suspect left behind enough DNA from just briefly touching the sides of the victim's underwear to provide a statistically significant partial DNA profile.

Laser Sights and Weapon Lights  

The majority of officer-involved shootings occur in low-light or dark conditions. So one of the most important tools that you can have is a good light. And sometimes the best place for you to have that good light is on the business end of your handgun or long gun.

A Holiday Wish Book for Cops  

This holiday season, the editors of POLICE decided to put together a gift-buying guide for people who want to buy gifts for cops. There's something for everyone in here, and there's nothing over $250 in our list. Have fun. 


Evaluating the State of American Law Enforcement  

The truth is that the state of American law enforcement is a very fluid thing.

<p>Illustration: Sequoia Blankenship</p>

The Long Road to Utah  

No matter how many folks give input, often directions make no sense at all and only through the sheer fact we have actually observed another doing or using the directed item can we possibly succeed.


Ruger LCP Pistol  

It was no problem keeping all of my shots from the LCP in the important part of a TQ-15 standard police silhouette target at three, seven, and 15 yards. And that's all anyone really needs from this sort of weapon.

Police Product Test: The Force Enforcer Jacket  

As we head toward the shortest day of the year, the sun is setting lower, bringing colder weather. This means it's a good time to look for a warm, comfortable, and versatile duty jacket. The Force's Enforcer Jacket fits the bill.


Shots Fired: Mesa, Arizona 04-14-2007  

Kennedy could see something was wrong. Molander gave her a "we've got a liar" smirk, and she knew that anytime a passenger started playing a felon's game of Truth or Consequences, there's usually a reason.


In light of the recent economic downturn, retailers operating on a tight profit margin are going to be much less forgiving of shoplifters and have much higher expectations that you will deal with the shoplifting problem.

Hip to Be Square  

After a long research process, Bushnell has found an unusual way to build a better flashlight with very consistent light output: by changing the shape of the beam from a circle to a square.

Contacting Mentally Ill Subjects  

Fill your tool belt with things you need to keep yourself safe when dealing with the mentally ill. Each piece of information gathered before arriving on scene is another tool you may need.

The Young and the Arrestless  

Notwithstanding the explosion of youth criminality, the court has largely continued to treat juvenile offenders in a more lenient and paternalistic fashion than adults.

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