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Stacy Dean Stephens

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August 2008 Issue

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Cover Story

The State of American Law Enforcement - SWAT: Breaking the Mold

By David Griffith

LAPD brass is still trying to mold SWAT into a softer, gentler special unit that won't offend the politically correct sensibilities of community activists. But now for one of the few times in its distinguished history, SWAT is actually vulnerable to such pressure.

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Countdown to TREXPO EAST 2008  

TREXPO East is scheduled to host an exclusive screening of the documentary, "Drug Wars: The Colombianization of Mexico," on Tuesday, August 26. Even if you don't work anywhere near the border or live in one of the border states, chances are that drug and human traffickers are operating in your state, and possibly in your jurisdiction.

WMD Gear for the First Responder  

New suits, masks, and breathing apparatus for first responders.

Concealable Body Armor: A Review of Ballistic Vests  

The newest ballistic vests for everyday use under your uniform.

Tactical Body Armor  

A selection of the newest ballistic vests designed for high-risk SWAT missions.

Redefining Fit for Duty  

An officer's physical fitness is a concern not just because the officers are overweight and might develop a debilitating health condition in their later years. It's an officer survival issue. It could put an officer at a serious disadvantage when he or she faces a more physically fit bad guy who has the mindset to win.

Dangerous Decibels  

Noise is the enemy of communications and tactical awareness. So to improve the performance of law enforcement tactical units and protect the hearing of their highly trained operators, it's time for agencies nationwide to invest in suppressors for the weapons used by their entry teams.


Gang graffiti in Newark, N.J. Photo via Tony the Misfit (

America Needs a Surge Against Gangs  

Back about 20 years ago when gangs in Los Angeles were shooting at each other in drivebys and hitting a lot of innocent bystanders, I was fond of saying that I had a solution for the gang problem: marksmanship lessons.

The Things We Dread  

Honestly, we have a lot of things in life that are like physicals: We don't enjoy them but we need to do them. For the crime fighter the list includes things like depositions, evaluations, and death notifications.


DPMS Panther Mini SASS Rifle  

So successful was the 7.62 x 51mm rifle designed for the military that DPMS officials decided to build a 5.56 x 45mm version of the gun. Called, appropriately enough, the Mini SASS, this new rifle has many of the same features that made its big brother so popular.

Police Product Test: Streamlight Sidewinder Light  

Streamlight's Sidewinder is like the right angle light made famous by the military but with numerous improvements.


Quiet Traction  

Stealth Force is the new incarnation of Magnum USA's popular Stealth line of boots. Available in a host of styles—all in black leather and nylon—the Stealth Force line has a boot for patrol, SWAT missions, and the station, and pretty much everything in between.

Convenience Store Robberies  

Daily, some 135,000 convenience stores in the U.S. serve 100 million Americans who find their easy in-and-out access appealing. Unfortunately, such convenience isn't lost on criminals who have historically found convenience stores equally attractive.


Three Steps to Compliance  

During an arrest, a handcuffed, subdued suspect is in the safest condition for both the officer and the suspect. To gain control, officers should learn the OSC (Overcome, Stabilize, Cuff) strategy.

Shots Fired: Ogden, Utah 05-26-2006  

Sgt. Burnett had worn the vest religiously throughout his career, but on this day he told his wife that for the first time he would go to work without it. She wasn't happy with his decision.

Pinpointing the Right to Counsel  

Ever since the 1964 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Massiah v. U.S., it has been the rule that any statements about a crime that were deliberately elicited from the suspect by a government official or undercover agent, after the Sixth Amendment right to counsel had “attached” and been asserted, could not be used at trial to prove guilt.

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