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Autonomous Robots Prevent Crime

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Stacy Dean Stephens

VP Marketing & Sales

February 2008 Issue

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Cover Story

War Wagons

By Robert O'Brien

One of the first times I realized the need for armored vehicles in police operations was during the 1968 Glenville Shootout and riot in Cleveland. Here's what happened.

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Anti-Terrorism Intel for the Patrol Officer  

"This war has the potential to last beyond our children's lifetimes and to be fought mostly on U.S. soil." —Michael Scheuer, "Imperial Hubris"

Crime-Fighting Laser Beams  

The result is an incredibly high-contrast image that clearly shows the fluorescing evidence, not the background. I've never experienced anything like it.

The State of American Law Enforcement - The Blue Mosaic  

Who becomes a cop? Who are the men and women that comprise the ranks of a profession where they can be killed for no reason other than the fact that they are cops?


When Is a Death Sentence Not a Death Sentence?  

Even with appeals, Jesse Timmendequas should have been scragged, toe-tagged, and bagged long before the Y2K celebrations.

The Office of Sheriff  

As far back as 1651, long before America became a nation, its people chose to elect their chief local law enforcement officers: their sheriffs. The tradition has been challenged, but the people have upheld their right to vote for the person who safeguards and protects their freedom and their property.

Make It Stick  

"Watch the Hands!" —J.D. "Buck" Savage


Ruger SR9 Pistol  

The SR9 is not just "another striker-fired, polymer frame, 9mm pistol," but a combination of many features that have proven their practicality over the years and new features that police officers and shooters have been asking for but have not yet been offered in a production handgun.

Police Product Test: Phenix Gear Modular Vest  

Ranger Joe's Phenix Gear Modular vest is one solution to the high cost of tactical vests.


Lights with Bite  

Michael Teig, CEO of TigerLight, readily admits that the company's new T100 compact TigerLight was designed as a civilian self-defense tool, primarily for women. But he also believes the fist-sized LED flashlight and OC dispenser will be popular with on-duty law enforcement officers.

Theft from Cars  

Thefts from cars usually involve a small amount of property value, but put a large strain on police resources. These thefts increase citizens' fear of crime and diminish the public confidence in their police.

Shots Fired: Fort Worth, Texas 11•09•1994  

Within seconds of their arrival, the breach man hit the door and the teams streamed inside. Daniels and Johnson targeted the room furthest inside the house.

Use Your Foot  

During a recent high-profile court case involving use of force by a deputy sheriff, a purported police expert testified that law enforcement officers are not trained to kick because it could put them off balance. While it would be comforting to think this was an isolated misguided opinion, unfortunately it is not.

Residential Entry After Outdoors Arrest  

There are four ways to make a lawful entry into a private home. Notice that "entry incident to outdoors arrest" is not on the list of lawful ways to get inside a residence. In three separate cases, the U.S. Supreme Court has held such entries to be unconstitutional.

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