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Departments Vow Traffic Enforcement Crackdown During Holiday Weekend

November 22, 2018
Police across the country are stepping up traffic enforcement during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, focusing especially closely on distracted and impaired drivers.

Police Humor: 12 Jokes about Law Enforcement and Police Work

October 26, 2018
Unbeknownst to many in the public—but well-known to pretty much all of the men and women who stand behind the thin blue line that protects them—police officers have a tremendous sense of humor. It's time to take a little break from heavy subjects and have a little fun.

Driverless Car Company Issues Report on Interaction with Police

October 19, 2018
Waymo—the manufacturer of "driverless cars" now in testing in select cities across the country—recently issued a report titled "Waymo Safety Report—On the Road to Fully Self-Driving," in which the company provides information on a variety of aspects of its public safety policies.

New Jersey Officer Struck, Injured While Working Traffic Assignment

October 2, 2018
Sgt. Christopher Gehring was struck shortly before noon by a 2016 Chevy Silverado driven by a 55-year-old man identified as James Bruno, the department said in a statement.

Kansas Police Arrest Man for Shooting at 2 Kansas City Police Vehicles

September 11, 2018
Officers with the Kansas City (KS) Police Department were able to identify and arrest a man who is suspected of shooting at two parked KCKPD squad cars at the department's Traffic Support Unit.

Tech on the Go

September 4, 2018

Using a combination of mobile hardware and law enforcement software, along with newer resources like FirstNet, officers can do their jobs safely and more efficiently.

Arizona Police Use Mannequins with Radar Guns to Discourage Speeding

August 20, 2018
The Operations Division recently outfitted mannequins armed with radar guns and positioned them next to empty police vehicles in order to encourage drivers to slow down at intersections known to be the locations of frequent collisions due to speeding.

As School Year Approaches, Police Begin "Saturation Patrols" Around Schools

August 9, 2018
As school resumes in and around Knoxville, TN, officers are increasing patrols near schools, and pressing hard enforcement of speeding, distracted driving, and other school-zone safety issues.

Preventing Struck-by-Vehicle Duty Deaths

August 7, 2018

To save the lives of officers who work this country's highways, a culture change needs to happen.

Video: Hawaii Officer Shot and Killed, Suspect at Large

July 18, 2018
As officers approached the vehicle, Waiki got out and fired multiple shots — from what is believed to be a handgun — at Kaliloa, striking him in the neck and leg, officials said.

Hawaii Officer Shot and Killed, Suspect at Large

July 18, 2018
As officers approached the vehicle, Waiki got out and fired multiple shots — from what is believed to be a handgun — at Kaliloa, striking him in the neck and leg, officials said. More Here. 

2 Georgia Officers Investigated for Using "Coin Flip" to Decide Arrest

July 17, 2018
Two Roswell (GA) police officers are now the targets of an internal investigation into allegations that they used a "coin flip app" to decide whether to arrest a motorist during an April traffic stop or issue a citation instead.

New York Officer Hailed as Hero for Stopping Crane Truck on Expressway

July 12, 2018
Suffolk Police Chief Stuart Cameron said the actions taken by highway patrol officer Joseph Goss and three other officers may have saved lives and prevented what could have been a horrifying tragedy.

Boston Officer Dives into Vehicle, Wrestles with Driver at Traffic Stop

July 4, 2018
"After a lengthy struggle, the officer was able to rip the keys out of the ignition while bringing the car to a rolling stop," the Boston Police Department wrote in a news release. "With the vehicle stopped, officers immediately took the suspect into custody."

Indiana Police Seize "Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Pills"

July 2, 2018
Among the illegal drugs seized were what police describe as "Trump-shaped ecstasy pills," with an image of the president on one side, and the words "great again" printed on the other.

LaserCam 4

June 29, 2018
Kustom Signals' LaserCam 4 is now certified as meeting the minimum design criteria of Rule 15B-2.014 of Florida’s Administrative Code in addition to its 2015 addition to the IACP Conforming Product List (CPL).

How to Minimize Accidental “Struck By” Duty Deaths

June 29, 2018
Too many LEOs are dying beside the road because they were accidentally struck by another vehicle.

Delaware Police Discover Home Abandoned… “on Long Point Road”

June 28, 2018
Dover (DE) police are “mystified” about how a prefabricated home ended up resting on a roadway in that city.

Arkansas Trooper Meets Rock Star During Traffic Stop

June 6, 2018
On Saturday, Arkansas State Police released a photo on Facebook of trooper Deston Linkous with Michaels, who was in a vehicle traveling east on Interstate 40 on Tuesday and was headed to a concert with Cheap Trick and Pop Evil that night in Nashville, Tenn.

Move Over Or Else

May 1, 2018

Brekford Traffic Safety's Argos Guardian Move Over Camera is designed to mount to an officer's vehicle and document move-over violations to make officers safer.

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