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South Carolina Jail Escapee Fatally Shot by Homeowner During Break-in

December 5, 2018
McLaughlin was shot by the homeowner after he broke into her house through the back door, Sheriff Clark said. He said the woman lived alone and had a concealed-weapons permit. The home is less than a half-mile away from the detention center.

South Carolina Detention Deputy Charged with Impersonating Police Officer

November 27, 2018
A detention deputy with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is facing charges that he impersonated a law enforcement officer and had installed a police light bar on his vehicle.

Man Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Attempted Murder of South Carolina Officer

November 19, 2018
Mike Blake Jr.—found guilty of the attempted murder of Officer Cory Goldstein of the Charleston Police Department—has been sentenced to life without parole.

Trial Begins for Man Charged with Shooting South Carolina Officer in 2013

November 14, 2018
Mark Blake Jr. is acting as his own lawyer—although he does have a public defender at his side in case he wants legal advice—as he stands accused of attempted murder of a police officer during a 2013 traffic stop.

South Carolina PD Transitions to SIG P320 and P365 Pistols

October 29, 2018
The Sumter (SC) Police Department has adopted both the SIG Sauer P320, and the P365 pistols, chambered in 9mm, as their official duty pistols.

South Carolina Officer Seen on Surveillance Camera Throwing Football with Boy

October 26, 2018
A 10-year-old boy was tossing a football to himself when an officer with the Summerville (SC) Police Department stopped his patrol vehicle and asked him if he had anyone to play with.

South Carolina Investigator Dies from Florence Ambush Wounds

October 23, 2018
“Farrah was the ultimate professional, excelling at everything she did,” Sheriff Boone stated in a press release. “She dedicated her life to serving the victims of the worst crimes imaginable. Please pray for Farrah’s family, our FCSO family and for our community as we mourn her loss.”

Rookie South Carolina Officer Pulls Over Mayor on First Day of Duty

October 22, 2018
Myrtle Beach, SC, Mayor Brenda Bethune said in a Facebook post that she was the subject of a traffic stop by the city's newest patrol officer—Amanda Johnston—and that she's glad she got pulled over for an expired tag.

New South Carolina Law Helps Criminals Erase Criminal History from Public Record

October 18, 2018
Lawmakers in South Carolina recently made it easier for the convicted to erase crimes from their publicly available records, expanding the list of convictions eligible for expungement.

South Carolina Deputy Making Remarkable Recovery After Being Shot

October 18, 2018
According to WPDE-TV News, 24-year-old Florence County Deputy Arie Davis has made a remarkable recovery and is doing well.

Video: Florence Cop Killing Suspect Set Up House for Deadly Ambush, Sheriff Says

October 17, 2018
“Just going inside that house is chilling," Sheriff Lott said during the press conference. "I’ve been doing this a long time and been to a lot of crime scenes, and this is probably one of the worst that I’ve ever seen.”

IACP 2018: Watching Trump's Speech to Law Enforcement

October 10, 2018
Trump slammed the Obama administration for restricting law enforcement's acquisition of military surplus equipment based on concerns of militarization. He called that "a very strange reason" for keeping life-saving equipment away from officers. "People are shooting at you and some people are worried about how you look,"

Police, Citizens Gather to Mourn South Carolina Officer Killed in Ambush Attack

October 9, 2018
Police and civilians gathered together on Monday for the funeral services of Sergeant Terrence Carraway, who was shot and killed last week in an ambush that left six other officers injured.

2 Florence Officers Released from Hospital, 1 Remains in Serious But Stable Condition

October 4, 2018
Two police officers shot in an ambush attack and standoff in Florence, SC, have been released from the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, officials said at a press conference on Thursday.

Officials Identify Slain SC Officer as 30-Year Veteran

October 4, 2018
Six other law enforcement officers were also shot during the ambush and standoff, including three Florence County Sheriff's deputies and three Florence police officers. Their conditions have not been officially released. Florence Mayor John Wukela said some of the other officers were "seriously" wounded.

5 Officers Shot, 1 Killed in South Carolina Active Shooter Incident

October 3, 2018
Kirby says three Florence County sheriff's deputies and two city officers were shot. It has now been confirmed that one city officer has died.

2 Detainees Drown in Prison Transport Van Swept Away by Hurricane Florence Floodwaters

September 19, 2018
Two people being transported in a sheriff’s office van in South Carolina died Tuesday when the vehicle was overcome by floodwaters, the Horry County (SC) Sheriff's Office said.

South Carolina Deputy Injured at Traffic Stop

August 29, 2018
The sheriff's office says Mayberry tried to flee the scene, causing a deputy to reach in the window of his vehicle to stop him. The sheriff says that the vehicle traveled about 20 feet when it went into a ditch and up an embankment, with the deputy's upper body still inside the car. The vehicle then overturned onto the driver's side, pinning the deputy's lower body under the vehicle.

A Two-Fold Approach to Countering Gangs

August 28, 2018
Gangs are a serious problem negatively impacting American culture. And the rise of gang activity as evidenced by the rash of shootings we've seen in major metropolitan areas like Chicago and elsewhere is increasingly threatening the very safety and security of both law enforcement officers and the communities we serve, nationwide.

South Carolina K-9 Handler Suspended for Dog's "Hot Car" Death

August 24, 2018
Officer David Hurt of the Columbia (SC) Police Department has been suspended without pay for five days for leaving his partner—a Labrador retriever mix named "Turbo"—in a patrol vehicle where the dog was exposed to extreme heat and later died.
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