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Connecticut Police Officer Fired Over "Trigger Happy" Comment

October 18, 2018
The department said in a Facebook post that Officer Stephen Barone was fired "after the completion of internal investigations and a formal hearing process regarding charges related to his interaction with a group of people in August 2018 and his supervision of a traffic incident in July 2018."

Oregon City Ordered to Pay Officer Fired for Controversial Facebook Posts

October 15, 2018
The City of West Linn, OR, must pay at least $100,000 in back pay to former officer Tom Newberry, who was fired last year for controversial Facebook posts.

Lessons Learned

September 4, 2018

First and foremost, the recordings reveal that force is ugly. It is not the "one punch, hero wins, bad guy goes down," movie action the public has been conditioned to expect. 

Detroit Police Say Doorbell Camera Video on Social Media May Hinder Investigations

August 23, 2018
The Detroit Police Department is asking citizens who have doorbell cameras and other security systems—which have rapidly become popular with home owners—to resist the urge to post video of a suspected burglar on social media, at least until the department can begin its own investigation.

Orlando PD Revises Social Media Policy to Include Possible Firing

August 3, 2018
Orlando police officers can now face termination for violating the department's social media policy, following an officer's controversial Facebook posts that prompted frustration among the agency's civilian oversight board.

Chicago Officer Under Investigation for Facebook Video

July 11, 2018
A profanity-laced video of an interaction between a Chicago police officer and two young men has prompted an investigation.

New York Chief Responds to Union Leader's Now-Deleted Facebook Post

July 10, 2018
Acting Albany Police Chief Robert Sears responded on Monday to a now-deleted Facebook post — penned by Union Vice President Greg McGee — that was highly critical of Chief Sears and Mayor Kathy Sheehan.

Who Started the Ongoing “Lip-Sync Battle” Among Police Agencies?

July 3, 2018
Law enforcement agencies across the country have recently been engaged in a hard-fought battle — whose officer could produce the best lip-sync music video?

Photo of Kid in Cuffs Posted on Social Media Sparks Debate

June 14, 2018
Lancaster Chief of Police Jarrad Berkihiser said that the officer was called to the school because the boy was in some manner of crisis, and that the handcuffs were needed to protect the student from harming himself or others.

Florida Man Calls Police to Test Illegal Drugs

June 14, 2018
Douglas Kelly contacted the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and said he purchased methamphetamine about a week earlier and had a “bad reaction” after smoking the narcotic.

Law Enforcement Pushes for More Access to Social Media Data

May 31, 2018
In the wake of recent school shootings in Florida and Texas in which the suspected gunmen posted clues to their intentions on social media, authorities have raised the question of collecting information from content shared online.

Buckeyes Coach Visits Ohio Officer Shot in Line of Duty

May 17, 2018
The head coach of the Ohio State football program, Urban Meyer, visited injured Franklin County (OH) Sheriff's Deputy Jacob Heaberlin in the hospital Wednesday. Deputy Heaberlin was shot in the line of duty Saturday.

Video: Michigan Police Department Swears in Cat as Officer

May 14, 2018
Pawfficer Donut has been sworn in as the Troy (MI) Police Department's Police cat. Judges Kirsten Nielsen Hartig and Maureen McGinnis asked Donut to raise her right paw with the chief and other officers looking on.

Michigan Police Department Swears in Cat as Officer

May 14, 2018
"Pawfficer" Donut has been sworn in as the Troy (MI) Police Department's Police cat. Judges Kirsten Nielsen Hartig and Maureen McGinnis asked Donut to raise her right paw and officially swore her in, badge and all, at the Troy Police Department with other officers and even Chief Gary Mayer looking on. More Here.

Video: Body Cam Video Released After Woman Accuses VA Deputy of Racism

May 9, 2018
After an accusation of racism during a Virginia traffic stop went viral, the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office has released a full, uninterrupted body cam video of the incident to refute the claim.

Tiny Super Police Supporter Joins Phoenix PD Motorcade

May 3, 2018
The Phoenix Police Department took to Facebook to share a photo of one of its young supporters who wanted to join the motorcade for Vice President Mike Pence.

Why Writing Skills Are So Important in the Study of Criminal Justice

April 2, 2018

Writing skills are more integral in the criminal justice field than many people realize. Discover why you should improve your writing when in college.

Stalker Radar Is Doing Its Part to Stop Distracted Driving

April 1, 2018
Stalker Radar, known for its police radar and Lidar, is joining the U.S. Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in an effort to stop distracted driving with the #justdrive campaign.

Massachusetts Chiefs Oppose Legislation That Would Limit Social Media Checks of Recruits

March 22, 2018
The law would prohibit department heads from scouring personal social media accounts. The group wants to be able to dig through social media profiles to help screen candidates and protect the public from those who could “tarnish the badge.”

Georgia Deputy Had His Ex-Wife Arrested Because He Didn't Like Her Facebook Post

March 9, 2018
Anne King and a friend found themselves behind bars for a few hours in 2015 after reportedly bad-mouthing King's ex-husband, a Georgia deputy, with posts on Facebook. Now King is suing her ex and his colleague for violating her constitutional rights.
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