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When seconds count…

March 22, 2018

There was a time when police departments handed officers a gun, a badge and the keys to a squad car and considered them fit for duty. But ask any police officer now, and they’ll likely tell you law enforcement isn’t so easy in today’s complicated world. 

Resilience Defined

September 5, 2017

Rebounding from a true crisis is difficult but not impossible, as Sgt. Bob Bemis' inspiring story proves.

Do You Carry an Individual First-Aid Kit?

August 23, 2011
You must be prepared to handle a "blow out" of bleeding. Tourniquets, hemostatic agents, and dressing should your main priority. In other words, prepare for self-aid or buddy aid for serious trauma survival.

Playing the Odds

July 1, 2008

Sometimes it takes a smack in the face or some other bad event to remind us of the great risks we take and make us appreciate surviving.

Off-the-Clock Robbery Response

September 1, 2007

We are off duty more than we are on duty—that's pretty obvious. Yet very little training time, if any at all, is devoted to off-duty survival. Even less training time is devoted to off-duty firearms training.

One Down

April 1, 2003

You've been shot in your gun arm, now what do you do?

Combative Subjects Require Special Care

July 1, 1996

Responding to calls involving violent, incoherent or uncontrollable subjects is never easy.  Unlike rational individuals who can be taken into custody with little more than a show of authority, irrational subjects are extremely unpredictable.

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