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Maryland SRO Fatally Shot Himself at School

November 12, 2018
A Baltimore County police officer working as a school resource officer at Eastern Technical High School in Essex, MD, fatally shot himself Monday, according to Baltimore County Police.

Maryland Police Fatally Shoot Armed Man Struggling with Officer

November 6, 2018
Officers with the Anne Arundel County (MD) Police Department were trying to enforce Maryland's new 'red flag law'—under which family, police, and mental health professionals can all ask for the protective orders to remove weapons from a household—when they encountered the subject of the order holding a gun.

Maryland Officer Fatally Shoots Driver Who Attempted to Drag Him from SUV

October 31, 2018
An officer with the Baltimore County (MD) Police Department fatally shot a man who reportedly attempted to drag the officer from his fleeing SUV.

Fort Worth Chief to Become Baltimore Commissioner, Sources Say

October 19, 2018
Baltimore Mayor Catherine E. Pugh said she was still vetting candidates for the city’s next police commissioner and would not confirm claims that she had chosen Fitzgerald.

Maryland Officer Expected to be OK after his Patrol Vehicle Accident

October 19, 2018
An officer with the Anne Arundel (MD) Police Department is expected to be okay—suffering only minor injuries—after a driver exiting the parking lot of a local restaurant struck his patrol vehicle.

Baltimore FOP Send Letter to Producer Over Officers' Portrayal in Saturday Night Live Sketch

October 17, 2018
“As you are most likely aware, the Baltimore Police department is currently a very beleaguered agency in the throes of massive amounts of criticism and disrespect,” Lt. Gene Ryan, the president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3, wrote in a letter to SNL’s Lorne Michaels on Wednesday.

Baltimore Interim Police Commissioner Withdraws from Consideration

October 9, 2018
Baltimore’s interim police commissioner, Gary Tuggle, said Tuesday that he has withdrawn from consideration for the permanent job.

Maryland Officer Fired After Being Found Incapacitated and Intoxicated in Squad Car

October 5, 2018
An officer with the Baltimore (MD) Police Department was fired for being drunk on the job after he was reportedly found "passed out" in his squad car, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Maryland School Board Ponders Question of Arming School Resource Officers

October 4, 2018
Currently, Baltimore SROs are allowed to carry their service weapon while patrolling the exterior of a school building before and after school hours. But they are required to store their weapons in a secure location during the school day.

Wearing Ballistic Vest Helped Save Life of Baltimore Officer Shot in OIS

October 3, 2018
Earlier this week, Baltimore police released body camera footage from a fatal officer-involved shooting in September. One officer was shot multiple times, but thankfully he was wearing his ballistic vest.

Baltimore Police Release BWC Footage of Deadly Gunfight

October 1, 2018
Officer Lippe was struck by three bullets; one hit his body camera, another was deflected by his bullet-proof vest and a third nicked his elbow, police said. Footage from Lippe’s camera was destroyed in the shooting.

Baltimore Police Release BWC Footage of Deadly Gunfight

October 1, 2018
Officer Lippe was struck by three bullets; one hit his body camera, another was deflected by his bullet-proof vest and a third nicked his elbow, police said. Footage from Lippe’s camera was destroyed in the shooting. More Here.

Wounded MD Officer's Body Cam Shot, Footage Can't Be Retrieved

September 28, 2018
"The damage to the camera, which was struck by a bullet, was damaged to a point where the data could not be saved," police spokesman T.J. Smith said in a statement Thursday.

Maryland Police Identify Suspects, Officers Involved in Fatal OIS

September 25, 2018
Baltimore police have identified the suspect and officers involved in a gunfight that left an officer wounded and a suspect dead on Sunday evening.

Maryland Man Who Shot and Wounded 2 Officers Will Not Be Charged

September 21, 2018
A man who shot and wounded two Prince George's County, MD, police officers will not be charged because he was not the man they were after—he was in fact, under the impression that he was defending himself from a home invasion.

Woman Kills 3 People at Maryland Pharmacy Distribution Center

September 20, 2018
The woman—whose name has not yet been released—is reportedly in custody at a local hospital, although it is unclear what her injuries were.

2 Maryland Narcotics Officers Shot, Wounded While Executing a Warrant

September 20, 2018
The Special Operations Unit with the Prince George’s County (MD) Police Department was executing a search warrant on Wednesday night when they came under fire as they entered the suspect's residence.

Baltimore Police Break Ground on $2.5 Million Stable for Mounted Unit

September 19, 2018
The unit has operated out of a former car dealership downtown since the 1970s, but a yearlong fundraising drive has raised about $1.3 million for a new facility on the railroad museum 40-acre property in Southwest Baltimore.

Montgomery County Enhances 911 Communications With AT&T

September 2, 2018
Montgomery County is enhancing its 911 communications with AT&T ESInet. The county recently joined others in the National Capital Region and selected the service from AT&T. The solution gives 911 call takers enhanced tools to speed their responsiveness and boost reliability to those in emergencies.

Panel Says Baltimore Detective Thought Murdered Killed Himself, Case Still Open

August 30, 2018
Among the evidence: The gun barrel was in contact with Suiter's head when the fatal shot was fired. Nobody else's DNA was found on his weapon. Blood spatter was found inside the right-handed detective's right shirt cuff, indicating his hand and arm were in a high position when the shot was fired.
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