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New South Carolina Law Helps Criminals Erase Criminal History from Public Record

October 18, 2018
Lawmakers in South Carolina recently made it easier for the convicted to erase crimes from their publicly available records, expanding the list of convictions eligible for expungement.

Video: New Texas Law Requires Students to View Video on Safely Interacting with Police

October 16, 2018
According to KFDA-TV News, the "Community Safety Education Act" requires all high school students in Texas to watch an educational video—entitled "Flashing Lights"—to teach them how to safely interact with a police officer during traffic stops.

New Texas Law Requires Students to View Video on Safely Interacting with Police

October 16, 2018
The "Community Safety Education Act" requires all high school students in Texas to watch an educational video—entitled "Flashing Lights"—to teach them how to safely interact with a police officer during traffic stops. The goal of Senate Bill 30—passed by the 85th Texas Legislature—is to define the behavior and expectations of citizens and law enforcement during traffic stop interactions.

Senate Passes Legislation That Could Allow Federal Officers to Shoot Down Civilian UAVs

October 5, 2018
The United States Senate on Wednesday passed the "FAA Reauthorization Act" which—among other things—could allow federal law enforcement officers to shoot down privately owned drones.

California Governor Signs Bill Making Police Misconduct Records Public

October 3, 2018
Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill making records of police misconduct across California public in certain cases, including when an officer has been found to have committed sexual assault while on duty.

Florida Passes Law to Help Police Investigate Online Child Predation

September 25, 2018
Under the new law, internet providers can't tell a perp they're being investigated for 90 days. If police need more time, they can have a delay extended in 90-day increments.

Why "Safe Injection Sites" are the Wrong Answer to the Opioid Question

September 7, 2018
Drug addicts need treatment, not assistance in furthering their addiction. The government and the private sector should be helping addicts shake their addiction — not giving them a "safe place" to continue destroying themselves.

California Legislature Passes Bills on Police Transparency

September 2, 2018
The California Legislature has approved two measures that would allow the press and the public to more easily obtain information about police activity that had previously been kept confidential.

Proposed California Legislation Would Limit Who Can Be Charged with Felony Murder

August 31, 2018
The California legislature has sent to the governor proposed legislation that would significantly limit who can be charged under the felony murder rule—under which defendants can be convicted of first-degree murder if a victim dies during the commission of a felony, "even if the defendant did not intend to kill or did not know a homicide occurred."

San Francisco POA Opposes Proposed "Safe Injection Sites" for Drug Users

August 31, 2018
Rick Andreotti, vice president of the San Francisco Police Officer's Association, told KRON News that while he's happy the city is concerned for people's well-being, he doesn't think this is the right way to stop the drug epidemic.

A Brief Review of the Flaws in California's AB 931 UOF Legislation

August 24, 2018
Assembly Bill 931 — otherwise known as the Police Accountability and Community Protection Act — is fatally flawed in its current form. Unpacking all of the problems with this piece of legislation is a monumentally difficult task, but I'll give it a shot — no pun intended.

Controversial California UOF Legislation Hits Sudden, Unexpected Snag

August 17, 2018
The bill — which was authored by Assembly member Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) and Assembly member Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) — was referred by the Senate back to Senate Rules Committee on Thursday.

Colorado Sheriff Joins Effort to Pass Law to Keep Guns from Mentally Ill

July 26, 2018
Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock has joined with 18th Judicial District Attorney George Brauchler in a renewed effort to create a "red flag law" in Colorado that would allow guns to be confiscated from the severely mentally ill.

Washington to Allow Non-citizens to Apply for Police Jobs

June 21, 2018
Legislators in Washington state passed Senate Bill 6145, which changes the qualifications for police and firefighter jobs to include “legal permanent residents” with a clean criminal record.

Bills to Protect Police Introduced in Both Houses of Congress

May 8, 2018
Legislation to impose federal penalties on people who deliberately target law enforcement officers for attack was introduced in both the House and Senate today.

Your Skin is in the Game

May 3, 2018

When policymakers implement ridiculous rules that get people hurt, LEOs are the ones who have to deal with the consequences.

Understanding the LEOSA Qualification Process

May 3, 2018

The requirements for a retired officer to carry under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act are simple, so agencies and officers shouldn't complicate them.

Killing of Massachusetts Officer Renews Calls for State Death Penalty

April 19, 2018
The killing of a Massachusetts police officer has some Republicans calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty for the murder of law enforcement officers in the state.

Sessions Moves to Criminalize Possession of Bump Stocks

March 29, 2018
Firearm bump stocks would have to be surrendered, destroyed or made inoperable under a ban proposed by the Justice Department.

Orange County Votes to Join Feds to Oppose California's 'Sanctuary' Law

March 28, 2018
The Orange County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday in a closed-door session to join the federal government in a lawsuit against California over the state "sanctuary" law that went into effect in January.
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