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I attended Advanced Security training in Israel - this is what I learned…

October 9, 2018

The war against terror is no longer isolated to a distant land, somewhere in the Middle East. Unfortunately, residents of the United States have, in recent years learned that we are not immune to such horrific scenes. This tragic development places new challenges before and upon those whose job it is to serve and protect

Dutch Police Arrest 7 in "Major" Terror Plot

September 28, 2018
Following a months-long investigation, Dutch police have arrested seven men they believe were plotting to carry out a major terrorist attack against "a large event in the Netherlands."

How the Threat of Terrorism has Changed Since 9/11

September 14, 2018
Now that law enforcement — particularly the FBI — has placed such an emphasis on investigating and thwarting attacks, a complex and costly plan like the one used on 9/11 would come to the attention of some three-letter agency, and the attackers arrested or killed (depending upon where we found them). Consequently, the tactics of the major terrorist organizations have changed.

NYPD Marks 9/11 Anniversary with Twitter Tribute to Fallen First Responders

September 11, 2018
The NYPD paid tribute to those first responders with a series of Twitter posts—one for each NYPD officer and several others paying tribute to the FDNY and PAPD, as well as for those who died at the Pentagon and in Shanksville (PA) on Flight 93.

New Mexico Couple Accused of Training Children for Mass Attack Targeted Hospital

August 28, 2018
Prosecutors in Taos County (NM)—citing interviews with the 11 children found to be malnourished and abused at a compound in the New Mexico desert earlier this month—said in court documents that the couple who were arrested had targeted an Atlanta hospital for attack.

Video: 4 New Mexico Compound Suspects Granted Bail, Prosecutors Allege Terror Plot

August 15, 2018
Siraj Wahhaj is wanted in Georgia and being held for possible extradition. The other four suspects will have a $20,000 signature bond – meaning they'll have to pay that amount if they don't show for their trial – and will have to wear ankle monitors. In addition, they will not be allowed to leave the country, and any visits with children will be supervised.

New Mexico Compound was Training Ground for School Shooters, Documents Show

August 8, 2018
The documents say Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was conducting weapons training with semi-automatic rifles at the compound near the Colorado border where 11 hungry children were found in filthy conditions.

ISIS Claims Murders of Belgian Officers

May 30, 2018
Benjamin Herman, the Belgian national named as the "Liege killer," was a convert to Islam. He had been imprisoned since 2003 and was on a 48-hour leave when the two female police officers were attacked. Police shot him dead not long after.

2 Belgian Officers Killed in Terror Attack

May 29, 2018
Reports say the man attacked the officers from behind with a knife, then took a service weapon from them and shot them both. He also killed a man sitting in a parked car.

Minnesota Officer to Receive Bravery Award for Ending Stabbing Attack at Mall

April 6, 2018
Avon officer Jason Falconer shot and killed Dahir Adan in September of 2016. Adan had stabbed 10 people in the mall and advanced on Falconer.

French Politician Arrested for Celebrating Death of Officer at Hands of Terrorist

March 26, 2018
On Sunday police arrived at Poussier’s home in Normandy and took him into custody. He may be charged with an offence known as apology for terrorist acts, for which the maximum penalty is seven years in prison and a fine of about $125,000.

French Police Officer Shot After Swapping Himself for Hostage, Officials Say

March 23, 2018
A French policeman was shot by a gunman Friday after swapping himself for a hostage in an apparent terror attack at a supermarket in the southwest town of Trebes.

Teen Drawn to ISIS Brought Homemade Bomb to Utah School, Police Say

March 7, 2018
The teen was arrested and booked into a detention center on charges of manufacture, possession, sale, use or attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

Former DC Transit Officer Gets 15 Years for Aiding ISIS

February 23, 2018
At trial, prosecutors presented violent videos Young had watched and comments he had made about killing FBI agents and attacking federal buildings. In emails with Mohammed and conversations online, Young joked about terrorist attacks and suggested they were often justifiable. He described the rebels he fought with in Libya as “like-minded” with the Islamic State.

ISIS-Inspired Gunman Convicted of Ambushing, Wounding Philly Officer

February 2, 2018
The jury of nine women and three men found Edward Archer, 32, guilty of attempted murder, aggravated assault, and related crimes for shooting Police Officer Jesse Hartnett in West Philadelphia in January 2016, an incident that shocked the city and drew international attention for its purported terrorism link.

Homeland Security Says Attacks on PA Police a Terror Attack

December 25, 2017
Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico's office issued a statement saying authorities were seeking any information on El-Mofty, who, according to the statement , "has spent time in both Dauphin and Cumberland counties and recently was in the Middle East."

Man Targets PA Officers in Shooting Spree, 1 Wounded

December 23, 2017
Police identified the alleged shooter as Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty, 51, and Marsico said he recently returned from a trip to the Middle East.

Man Charged with Plotting Attack on San Francisco's Pier 39

December 22, 2017
Jameson named Pier 39 as a possible target for a terrorist attack because he “knew that it was a heavily crowded area,” according to the complaint.

Former DC-Area Officer Convicted of Aiding ISIS, Faces Possible 60 Years

December 19, 2017
In late July 2016, Young attempted to provide material support and resources to ISIS by purchasing and sending gift card codes that he believed would allow ISIS recruiters to securely communicate with potential ISIS recruits.

Video: Officers Who Took Down NY Subway Bombing Suspect Play Santa in Newark

December 18, 2017
The officers played Santa’s helpers just days after apprehending alleged bomber 27-year-old Akayed Ullah when he detonated a homemade explosive device in a pedestrian walkway under the Port Authority Bus Terminal during the height of Monday morning’s commute.
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