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Indiana Police Arrest 45 Suspects in Meth Roundup Operation

August 1, 2018
Police in Kokomo, IN, announced the arrest of 45 suspects in a massive drug roundup aimed at curbing the spread of methamphetamine in the area.

Video: Recycling Industry Trade Group Touts Scrap Theft Partnership with Police

July 31, 2018
According to Department of Energy estimates, metal theft costs — including lost revenue and damages related to the thefts — total $1 billion each year, and repairs often cost much more money than the value of the stolen property.

Police Discuss Impact of Scrap Metal Theft on Communities

July 31, 2018
According to Department of Energy estimates, metal theft costs — including lost revenue and damages related to the thefts — total $1 billion each year, and repairs often cost much more money than the value of the stolen property. Here, law enforcement officers discuss the problem. More Here. 

Man Accused of Striking Border Patrol Agent with Rock, Stealing ATV

July 30, 2018
A man is accused of hitting a Border Patrol agent with a rock and stealing his ATV before he was shot by agents and arrested near the Tijuana River estuary early Sunday.

No Charges Against Minnesota Officers in Fatal OIS of Thurman Blevins

July 30, 2018
No charges will be filed against the officers involved in the fatal officer-involved shooting of 31-year-old Thurman Blevins in an alley in Minneapolis on June 23, according to a statement from the county attorney.

North Carolina Town's Entire Department on Paid Administrative Leave

July 30, 2018
The entire force on the Southport (NC) Police Department have been suspended and placed on paid administrative leave after the chief and a lieutenant were arrested "and charged with double-dipping at a second job while on the clock at the police department."

Thomson Reuters Foundation Launches Resource to Tackle Human Trafficking

July 27, 2018
The Thomson Reuters Foundation has launched a powerful new Toolkit designed to help financial institutions fight human trafficking using data. The Toolkit is the product of the United States Banks Alliance, a multi-stakeholder working group convened in 2017 by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Report: Police Increasingly Ask Tech Firms for Help in Investigations

July 27, 2018
A new report released by the Center for Strategic and International Studies found that "local, state, and federal law enforcement made more than 130,000 requests last year for digital evidence from six top technology companies."

Chicago Investigator Says Bosses Ordered Him to Lie about OIS Probes

July 24, 2018
Kelvin Lett—a former police misconduct investigator for the Chicago Police Department—claimed in a lawsuit filed Sunday that he was fired "after he refused to give false testimony to make a shooting by an officer seem like it was not justified."

New Challenges in Cyber Forensics

July 13, 2018

Today's digital investigator must learn how to extract evidence from drones, encrypted portable devices, cryptocurrency trades, and a growing range of appliances and products defined as the Internet of Things (IoT).

What Does the FBI’s Latest Study on Active Shooters Really Mean?

July 6, 2018
In late June, the FBI released what it called Phase Two of the agency’s ongoing examination of active killer events that took place between 2000 and 2013. The recent report revealed very little that law enforcement professionals didn’t already know.

Chicago Police Investigating 'Rogue' Radio Transmissions

July 6, 2018
Office of Emergency Management and Communications Spokesperson Melissa Stratton said that the "rogue radio transmission" occurred on Wednesday evening.

FBI, SEC, FTC Join Inquiry Into Facebook, Cambridge Analytica

July 3, 2018
Investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission have joined the Department of Justice in an inquiry into Facebook’s sharing with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica data about millions of Americans.

IPVideo Corp Selected by Illinois Agency to Upgrade Interview Recording System

June 29, 2018
AVfusion replaced the current analog DVR system and 10 Axis IP cameras were installed – 2 per interview room along with audio ceiling microphones that were there to improve the audio quality. In addition, the department was able to save on costs by using one amplifier for both cameras in each interview room, IPVideo says.

Maryland Gunman Charged with 5 Counts of Murder

June 29, 2018
The 38-year-old suspected shooter had a history with the paper, filing a defamation suit against it in 2012.

Slain Maine LEO was on Ground when Fatally Shot

June 28, 2018
Somerset County (ME) Sheriff’s Corporal Eugene Cole was on the ground when John Williams allegedly shot and killed him on April 25.

Pennsylvania Police Crack Cold Case with DNA, Genetic Genealogy Database

June 26, 2018
Police in Pennsylvania have made an arrest in the 1992 rape and murder of Christy Mirack, an elementary school teacher in Lancaster.

FBI, DEA, Local California Agencies, Take Down Major Meth Ring

June 22, 2018
An eight-month operation by the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has resulted in the seizure of large quantities of methamphetamine and marijuana.

SCOTUS: Tracking Cell Tower Location Data Requires a Warrant

June 22, 2018
In a 5-4 vote, the United States Supreme Court ruled on Friday that police must first obtain a search warrant before examining location data — cell tower records that can show a person’s movement for long periods of time — stored on a subject’s mobile phone.

Balancing Privacy Rights and Facial Recognition Technology for Police

June 21, 2018
Disruptive technologies present challenges for everyone — police administrators included. But such technologies also carry significant benefits not only for police, but for the citizens they are sworn to protect.
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