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L.A. Confidential Trailer

March 4, 2010
In L.A. Confidential, from 1997, Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce play cops in 1950s Los Angeles with a noirish backdrop of police corruption and Hollywood sleaze.

Best Cop Movies: Police Academy ... Awards

February 18, 2010
At POLICE Magazine, we've had a few debates around the office about the best cop movie ever made. However you define it, we'd like to hear from you about which cop movies you like best.

Former DEA Agents Sue Producers of 'American Gangster'

January 24, 2008
Three former Drug Enforcement Administration agents have filed suit against the producers of the movie "American Gangster," saying that the film made them into criminals and did not truthfully show their role in the arrest and prosecution of infamous Harlem drug dealer Frank Lucas.

No Movie Like Real Life

October 1, 2005

It's interesting the subliminal effect that movies can have on us. Especially us cops, who are the subjects of at least one or two movies a year. Some of you may remember the movie "48 Hours" starring Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy.

"To Live and Die in L.A."

January 1, 2004

If you want a great and gritty thriller, check out this often overlooked gem.


October 1, 2003

If you are looking for a down-and-dirty cop movie with a compelling story and great performance, then "Narc" will fit the bill.

"Dark Blue"

September 1, 2003

"Dark Blue" is yet another mindless entry into the "Cops Are The Real Criminals" genre of what passes for Hollywood filmmaking these days.

Another Great Police Resource

September 1, 2003

If you need information on law enforcement vendors and their products, you’ll find it on our Website.

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