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December 10, 2018

It is tough to have effective training when the troops are not receptive to the message.

Letting Go

November 16, 2018

Decide to live in the now, dealing with the things you can control.

´╗┐When You Work for a Jerk

October 8, 2018

Who among us hasn't worked for a jerk and found ourselves dreading the moment we had to pull into the parking lot at the beginning of the workday?

Lessons Learned

September 4, 2018

First and foremost, the recordings reveal that force is ugly. It is not the "one punch, hero wins, bad guy goes down," movie action the public has been conditioned to expect. 

Ornery Little Facts

August 8, 2018

Police are not the enemy of the American public despite what the activists and media say.

Wide Open Spaces

July 13, 2018

As it turned out, this was a perfect example of the "bad assignment" that resulted in many positive outcomes.

The Will to Keep Going

June 18, 2018

Often ambush attacks are so sudden and violent the officer's doom seems certain, yet they manage to overcome the bushwhacking…but how? 

Your Skin is in the Game

May 3, 2018

When policymakers implement ridiculous rules that get people hurt, LEOs are the ones who have to deal with the consequences.

Officer Safety: Why or Why Not?

March 30, 2018

If you're asking "Why not," remind yourself about the risks you face every day.

The Measure of Our Success

March 1, 2018

Good intentions are not enough when we make decisions for criminal justice.

Take a Breath

February 8, 2018

To prevent taking shallow breaths in stressful situations, make sure you practice and refresh your tactical breathing skills.

The End

January 4, 2018

You create the ending of your own story, every call, every crisis, every day.

Mise en Place

December 7, 2017

To be truly prepared for a situation on duty, you must
have everything in its place, mentally and physically.

The Toy

November 6, 2017

Play is one of the essential elements of a healthy life, so make time for it.

Respect for Old Glory

October 13, 2017

I am a firm believer in saying the Pledge of Allegiance and condemning anyone who burns our flag.

Resilience Defined

September 5, 2017

Rebounding from a true crisis is difficult but not impossible, as Sgt. Bob Bemis' inspiring story proves.

People of Probity

August 7, 2017

Modern law enforcement officers uphold a longheld tradition of protecting citizens and preserving freedom.

Real Change

July 10, 2017

Obtaining tacit knowledge is considered our most important and powerful learning activity, but too often the folks with the tacit knowledge are left out of the decision-making process, in favor of the most institutionally educated folks; the ones with explicit knowledge only.

He Said, She Said

June 10, 2017

Modern science tells us men's and women's brains are different in very significant ways. Let me give you some pointers to help you communicate more effectively with crimefighters of the opposite gender.

A Healthy Fear of Lightning

May 5, 2017

I was on duty when a monsoon hit, killing the power grid and filling the arroyos with flash floods. It was to be a night of adventures and scares

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