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How Skokie PD Grew Their Storage Solutions  

December 29, 2015
How a department's storage needs kept up with its fast growing community.

How to use 3D laser technology to generate significant savings for your inter-agency investigation team  

October 28, 2015
The Clackamas County, Oregon CRAFT team was challenged with limiting road-closure time and opening roadways faster. The inter-agency team with one full-time and 18 on-call reconstructionists purchased the FARO Focus3D X 330 Laser Scanner and have successfully reduced roadway closure times and saved the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office more than $28K in overtime hours alone in just under 16 months of operation.

How to Handle Stress On Duty  

August 10, 2015
You can take steps to improve your well-being at work before you reach the breaking point.

How To See Through Walls and Into Buildings  

May 1, 2014
Just as infrared (IR) and thermal scopes made seeing in the dark possible, a relatively new technology, called wall penetrating radar (WPR) makes "seeing" through walls and into buildings possible. WPR's are specifically designed and optimized for their radar signal to traverse through walls of buildings and other similar barriers, reflect off objects inside those structures, and return through the original barrier to the WPR.

How To Avoid 10 Rookie Errors  

June 1, 2018
Department training programs are designed to teach prospective officers the ropes, but some mistakes could end your career at an agency before it really starts.

How To Handle Lawyers and Miranda Warnings  

June 1, 2018
Are Miranda warnings necessary during a lawyer's presence?

How To Know If the LEOSA Carry Law Applies to You  

May 25, 2018
The law is not as cut-and-dried as you think. And much of what you hear about it is wrong.

How To Communicate During a Pursuit  

May 24, 2018
Everybody involved in a pursuit needs to know their roles, and everyone not involved needs to stay off the primary radio channel.

How To Deal With Being Passed Over For Promotion  

April 9, 2018
For those seeking promotion, there is always the possibility of not getting one. Although when you don’t get the promotion it might seem like the end of the world, it isn’t. Here's how to handle this situation.

How To Work With Aviation Units  

October 31, 2017
Officers need to communicate and coordinate with the flight crew to get the most out of air support units.
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