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What’s Google, Facebook and the law got to do with it?  

November 28, 2018
Things to consider as your department works to leverage the Internet and use digital evidence to solve crimes.

Special Report: Investigative Technologies  

October 22, 2018
Read POLICE Magazine’s Special Report: Investigative Technologies to learn about capturing crime scene images, the investigative role of body cameras, fighting crime with predictive policing, developing leads with investigative imaging tools, the challenge of smartphones, speeding up DNA analysis, and how to preserve a crime scene.

Special Report: Active Shooter Response  

September 21, 2018
Read POLICE Magazine’s Special Report: Active Shooter Response to learn about what the FBI's latest study on active shooters really means, effectively coordinating with fire and EMS at the scene, tactical medics in active shooter response, talking to the community about active shooters, vehicle spotlights on the Lenco BearCat MedEvac G3 and The Armored Group BATT-X, and patrol response to the active shooter.

Special Report: Mission Critical Communications  

July 19, 2018
In POLICE Magazine’s Special Report: Mission Critical Communications, learn about the new role of radios on duty, first responder networks, advancements in 911 call center technology, cyber security, getting grant funding for communications equipment, and how to work with dispatchers.

Special Report: Keeping Schools Safe  

May 17, 2018
In POLICE Magazine’s Special Report: Keeping Schools Safe, learn about building police-school relationships, how readers would make schools safer, why you have to go in, crowd control, tactical medical response, and staging a school shooting response drill.

How To Respond to an Emotionally Disturbed Person  

May 16, 2018
Arm yourself with some basic skills to employ when encountering disturbed subjects in need of mental health services.

Cloud Storage: Why your department should make the switch  

December 18, 2017
The cloud is relatively new territory for law enforcement agencies to store their video data, and it’s concerning for many, but the cloud has many benefits including security, accessibility and ease of deployment compared to a local server. See why so many departments are making the switch!

Kissimmee Police Department: Intelligence-Led Policing Drives Progress & Prosperity  

November 1, 2017
"Why are we reacting to the dots on the map?" asked Chief Jeff O'Dell upon entering the Kissimmee Police Department. He then said, "Let's try to prevent the dots and look ahead to stop crimes before they actually happen." Since then, things have never been the same. Over the years, the department has been working toward evolving to an intelligence-led policing model, even while facing budget constraints.

Special Report: Software & Hardware  

October 30, 2017
In this special report from POLICE Magazine, you'll learn about how hardware and software enhance officer safety, what you need to know about the cloud, how to handle software implementation, how laptops and tablets compare, and useful law enforcement apps.

Boosting Officer Safety Solutions with Mobile Safety  

May 5, 2017
Through 20 years of serving first responders, Fujitsu knows you deserve the best technology to help you serve the public safely and efficiently. That's why Fujitsu tablet PCs are user friendly, designed for one-handed operation under stress, and rugged and reliable enough to stretch your agency's budget with long lifecycles.
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