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Do you think wearing on-body cameras on duty should be mandatory?


1. VOX
125 up, 7 down  
Short for violent intox. One who normally not under the influence of alcohol is a contributing member of society but once given alcohol, can be easily riled up to become violent and/or rowdy
by Jon Bopps on Nov 06, 2012
2. VOX
10 up, 15 down  
VOX: short for voice actuated transmitter or a radio headset with boom type microphone and an earplug speaker. The radio transmits on the users direct speaking voice into the microphone (which is in fact an extremely direct, directional mic.) and immediately disconnects once the user stops speaking. I've personally used these in search and rescue missions; they work great. Also used in military Spec Ops
by Frank C Vozenilek Sr on Oct 09, 2013
3. VOX
0 up, 3 down  
DOUCHELON a typical lazabout scumbag who uses everyone including his Momma who bails him out ..constantly.
by Jeff Litten on Jan 23, 2017
4. VOX
0 up, 3 down  
DUMMY DOPE not as bad as A DOUCHELON but is his friend.
by Jeff Litten on Jan 23, 2017
5. VOX
0 up, 3 down  
A Skell it's a old.NYPD one but say it to people fast, hey skells what's up? A dirty bag.
by Jeff Litten on Jan 23, 2017
6. VOX
1 up, 8 down  
Voice Mail
by CG Friend on Dec 20, 2014
7. VOX
2 up, 11 down  
a visibly dead person found by Police, or civilian in a residence or on the hwy as a result of a act of violence, accident or natural death.
by 5292 on Mar 10, 2014





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