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Do you think wearing on-body cameras on duty should be mandatory?


1. NHI
17 up, 3 down  
NHI= No Humans Involved
by Kevin Griffin on Jun 27, 2012
2. NHI
4 up, 1 down  
No Human Involved typically refers to a crime or crime victims they regard as useless and worthless. A common example is prostitutes. It's slang. Not sure how much it's used anymore.
by JC on Jun 24, 2016
3. NHI
16 up, 22 down  
NHI = Obvious statement pointing to how most police officers are pieces of shit
by Police are not Human on Oct 12, 2015
4. NHI
11 up, 27 down  
when a cop murders someone they feel is less of a person ect. prostitutes, gang members... its pretty fucked up
by jerry on Mar 28, 2015



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