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Autonomous Robots Prevent Crime

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Stacy Dean Stephens

VP Marketing & Sales

Do you think wearing on-body cameras on duty should be mandatory?


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Prison-made or Homemade intoxicants. Hooch is usually made from fruit stolen from the chow hall, then allowed to ferment in stolen plastic trash bags. Hooch is unpredictable in its alcohol content. Hooch is typically strained through a piece of bread to allow the yeast to further speed up the fermentation process. Hooch can also be called Toilet Wine. Hooch bags must be vented or they can explode.
by Aaron on Sep 13, 2013
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A makeshift shanty or tent used by homeless people in a wooded area. Also used by marihuana growers that live out in the forests near their plants.
by Jerry Fowler on Sep 13, 2013
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Pruno: Made with oranges or other rotting fruit in a bag or 5 gallon bucket with bread used for yeast to ferment and candy such as tootsie pops or jaw breaker candy to sweeten or fireballs (cinnamon jaw breakers) and strained through a plastic flexible mirror with holes poked in it.
by Tyler Brown on Mar 11, 2018


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