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Do you think wearing on-body cameras on duty should be mandatory?


1. FTD
111 up, 9 down  
Short for "fuck this dump". Used when u hate your current place of employment due to poor administration or lack of vox. For definition of vox, see the slang tab Under 'v'
by jimmy on Nov 06, 2012
2. FTD
45 up, 27 down  
Fixing to Die, ie badly injured with less than a few minutes to live. Often used with motor vehicle crashes.

Use - "victim has been transported, but he is FTD"
by Ed on Oct 29, 2012
3. FTD
4 up, 19 down  
FTD: stands for "fucked the deputy" when a male civilian has coitus with a sworn female sheriff's deputy. This sexual act then leads the male to believe he is now a sworn police officer with experience, even if he is extremely unqualified and a little creepy.
by Joncon on Oct 30, 2014
4. FTD
8 up, 26 down  
by Joshua Alan on Jun 21, 2014





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