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Do you think wearing on-body cameras on duty should be mandatory?


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Filling out a crime report for someone, even though no crime occurred, just to get them to shut-up and go away. Some people report something to a cop, and refuse to accept the cop's answer that no crime occurred. For instance, junk mail received from a foreign country has the citizen convinced they are the target of a scam. The citizen didn't lose any money, didn't give up a credit card number, and isn't really a victim. But they insist on a report. I know that if I don't, they will call the chief, the mayor, or whoever, so to avoid all that [email protected], I just fill out a courtesy report and send them on their way. Usually from senior citizens who are convinced that everything is a scam.
by Bobby on Mar 28, 2014
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I called a police station in San Francisco and asked if it is possible to file a police report without having to come to SF because I live in another country. They told me that it is possible and that I need to ask for a courtesy report from my own police station which they then send in to the police station of that city where the crime occured.

If it really is what the previous person described, then I was treated very badly since the case is malpractice case against one plastic surgeon who has harmed several people and his practise should be investigated very thoroughly.
by Really on Mar 17, 2017




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