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Video: Second San Diego Cop Attacked, Bystanders Again Help

August 14, 2011  | 

VIDEO: Citizens Aid Assaulted Calif. Cop

For the second time in a week, bystanders intervened to help a San Diego (Calif.) Police officer patrolling the Mid City Division, who was attacked by a man on a bicycle.

The assault on Officer Kelly Doherty came less than a week after Officer Jeremy Henwood was assassinated by a suicidal man with a shotgun several blocks to the west.

"Officer Doherty did a good job," Lt. Todd Jarvis, the acting Mid City captain, tells POLICE Magazine. "We still need to stop people and do our job. She came out victorious, and I'm very appreciative of the citizens who came to her aid. That does give these officers hope, when they see the community step up and defend them like that."

While on patrol at 12:35 p.m. on Sunday near the 4200 block of 34th Street, Officer Doherty saw a man on a bicycle violate a vehicle's right of way. Officer Kelly Doherty was attacked while checking the name of a suspect she had stopped.

The officer questioned the suspect, 43-year-old Michael Gonzalez, who then tried to flee. Officer Doherty grabbed Gonzalez by the backpack. He then wheeled and began punching her in the face. During the struggle, he attempted to grab her service weapon.

Two civilians watching the incident from nearby intervened in the fight to help subdue Gonzalez, who then flipped open a folding knife and began slashing the officer and the two men. Officer Doherty deployed her TASER twice, eventually ending the fight. She was treated and released from the hospital, after receiving several stitches in her face.

"Felonious assaults on police officers are rising," says Jarvis. "It seems to be a national trend, and it's the first we've seen of this in San Diego. I don't know if it's bad timing, coincidence or if we have something else going on."

Bystanders also intervened on Aug. 7, after Dejon Marquee White, 23, fatally shot Officer Jeremy Henwood at a stop sign in City Heights. A former Navy officer with a law enforcement certification used Officer Henwood's radio to give dispatchers a description of White's vehicle. She also provided medical aid to the officer at the scene.

San Diego PD's Mid City Division is a blue-collar cultural melting pot covering eight square miles and policed by 170 patrol officers and an additional 55 sworn personnel. The division, which uses the motto "Policing the world in the middle of the city," has a high school with students who speak more than 50 different languages.

By Paul Clinton


Calif. Officer Remembered As 'True Warrior'

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Comments (6)

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michael @ 8/15/2011 7:28 PM

I think I would have shot him instead. Thats the problem with carrying a taser, you think about using it in the wrong situations.
Everyone thinks it's going to work on the suspect every time and in fact thats not always the case. In that time frame the officer wasted using it, the suspect could have stabbed her or the citizens trying to help. I would prefer to be sure the suspect is down in that type of situation. The suspect has already demonstrated his ability to resist arrest and inflict serious injury to a police officer. I think a taser is a great tool for the right situation, but she got lucky this time.

Hector @ 8/16/2011 8:48 AM

I agree with Michael and add that their are yes, maybe and no contacts. A taser is a good tool for a maybe contact but a suspect going for your gun & deploying a weapon is a " H___ NO CONTACT" that merits deploying one's firearm even if a contact shot is required. Stay safe

Rick @ 8/16/2011 10:44 AM

This trend is going to continue as the economy grows worse. One way to combat crime is to allow citizens in CA to carry concealed weapons and recognize CCW permits from other states. The current trend by the liberal legislature is to pass meaningless guns laws that disarm law abiding citizens; they currently want to ban open carry of unloaded weapons instead of locking up criminals and using existing Federal laws to do so (Project Exhile) that is endorsed by the NRA.

MJ Turnbow @ 8/16/2011 1:27 PM

I gather the "swing" at the officer means he had the knife in his hand since she was cut on the chin. That means just about 6 inches from having her throat cut or 3 inches from being blinded. This P.O.S. should be dead!!!! The good citized that jumped in to help (Thank You)!!!! might be dead instead of having a few minor cuts. Too many cops using a Taser because of worrying about the consequences of using deadly force. The old adage about being tried by 12 vs. carried by six is still true.

JJ Golliday @ 8/16/2011 1:37 PM

Obviously, the video "Surviving Edged Weapons" is no longer shown to academy recruits. Anyone seeing this video WILL FORGET the Taser and go for their service weapon instead. Anyone wishing to see the video,it is from Caliber Press. A 30 yr. Peace Officer.

Robert @ 8/16/2011 1:55 PM

Once the suspect flashed a knife, it became "lethal situation" which would justify lethal action. It's not my place to second-guess a street officer, but perhaps the officer felt the citizens would have been endangered by gunfire and opted for the taser. But as stated previously, the taser is not foolproof.

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