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TASER International Begins Shipments of Highly Anticipated Civilian TASER

July 19, 2007  | 

TASER International today announced the first shipment of the TASER C2, a palm-sized device designed for consumer self protection. The TASER C2 debuts as the first device to incorporate a new public safety background check technology called CheckLok.

The TASER C2 retails for a base price of $299.99. It is shipping now and will be available at several retailers in the next few weeks.

"We designed the TASER C2 with the consumer in mind from the ground up by listening to our customers," said Kathy Hanrahan, president and chief operating officer of TASER International. "Although we have sold over 136,000 TASER systems to consumers since 1994, our focus since 1998 has primarily been in the law enforcement arena. However, over the past year our engineers were able to make tremendous technological advances to reduce the size, modernize the look, and provide our TASER cutting edge technology for consumer self defense at an affordable price."

"With CheckLok, TASER C2 units are shipped in an inactive state," said Kathy Hanrahan, president and chief operating officer of TASER International. "They cannot be used until the purchaser successfully completes a background check from the privacy of their own home or office using a secure Website or a toll-free number. After passing the background check, the purchaser is issued an activation code unique to their serial number. The TASER C2 will work only after entering the activation code," Hanrahan continued.

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Comments (3)

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jgaffney @ 7/20/2007 11:05 AM

I understand from a business stand point why Taser is taking an approach to boost the market value of the Taser. All the prudent steps appear to be in place. A successful background check is required before the activation code can be utilized.

Once activated then what? The background investigation and a delayed activation are truly useless and a cause concern for the law enforcement community. This is due to the fact you cannot guarantee the whereabouts of the taser and who is in possession of it once it is activated.

How can you guarantee the taser will not fall into the hands of an individual who is crime orientated? Pointing a taser at someone as you demand money is ....................... Robbery.

What about training requirements? Maintaining training records? Police Departments do these things.

Taser will take a substantial hit on its reputation with the implementation of the civilian taser. Presently, your reputation is based on the quality of the taser combined with the professional application the taser as required deployed as needed by officers of the law.

You are willing to give this up to broaden the market to increase sales?

What happens when a person is hit in the eye as a result of a civilian misusing of the taser? What about a civilian who is in possession of a civilian taser and to overcome this person a police officer is forced to use a firearm is self defense to overcome this individual?

I am sure Taser thoroughly reviewed any possible consequences with its law firm regarding the use or misuse of the taser by a civilian.

I hope I am wrong about the things I mentioned, but I fear I am right.

Thank you,

Nolan @ 7/22/2007 1:07 AM

I have not seen much info about the voltage and amperage, joules
ect. of this new device. I guess it will have similar specs to the x26c or perhaps it has specs similar to the model 18. Does anyone know for sure what the specs are? It is an interesting looking device, I think my wife might like one. I don't think I will volunteer to take a hit from this one. I have already been tasered in 3 different decades. That is about enough for me. Took a hit from the old model taser that was considered a firearm, that was back in the 80's. And then when Air Taser came into being I was hit with one of their brand new at the time air taser's. Then i took a hit from the M26 in Trainer School. Also a friend of mine bought a model 18 and we tried that on each other. The newer tasters are better than the old by a large margine. But, to be honest. The old ones hurt too. I never trained enough to fight through the old tasers. Seems like the background check and activation code is a good idea for the new product. I applaud Taser International for making great products and making at least some of them available to the public

Nolan @ 7/22/2007 10:54 PM

This will make a nice weapon for purse carry, I think I will get my wife one. I have not seen what it's specifics are but if it has the same bite as the other civilian models then it should be a huge seller.

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