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Stacy Dean Stephens

VP Marketing & Sales

Tactical Pants - Galls
A popular choice for public safety professionals, the Galls Tactical Pants are...

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.308 Caliber Flat Base Raptor

Company: Cutting Edge Bullets

January 25, 2016

These bullets are a flat base, monolithic brass design machined on a CNC Swiss-style lathe. The 100-grain has crimping grooves specifically placed for use in 300 Blackout, 300 Whisper, .308 Winchester, and 300wt. These bullets employ the same technology as the rest of Cutting Edge Bullets' Raptor series. After 1 to 2 inches of penetration, the front nose portion breaks off into six pieces that radiate outwards in a star pattern while the base continues through for even deeper penetration.

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