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Video: Colorado Sheriffs Challenging State Gun Laws

September 29, 2015  | 

VIDEO: Colorado Sheriffs Challenging State Gun Laws

A group of sheriffs from different Colorado counties are moving forward with their fight to repeal stricter state gun laws put in place three years ago, reports CBS Denver.

Those laws limit the capacity of ammunition magazines and expand background checks on gun purchases in Colorado.

Sheriffs like Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario say they are committed to fighting to protect what they say is citizens' Second Amendment rights.

Dozens of current and former sheriffs gathered in Denver on Monday along with gun rights groups at the Byron White Courthouse. Many of those individuals are named in a lawsuit which challenges Colorado's new laws.

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John retired IA PD @ 9/29/2015 7:04 PM

Wouldn't it be nice if those that fight so hard to take away the rights of law abiding citizens, would instead fight just as hard to get criminals off the street? What a difference that would make in our country. People might actually be safer on the streets and in their homes.

Krisnlc @ 9/30/2015 7:37 AM

Wow, this position always baffles me. Although i am totally for "the right to bear arms" as it is now, i am always baffled by the fact that Law Enforcement is on the side to 'repeal' strict gun control laws, when they are on the other end of 'bad gun control and usage'... I sometimes think maybe it is because they have decided that criminals dont follow the rules anyway so stricter gun laws will not affect them but only the law abiding public. I am not sure, but is is perplexing to me that Law Enforcement officers who face the poor gun usage issues every day, are the ones "against stricter gun control laws"... if anyone can offer me some insight on this or more information so i understand the thinking...I would be very appreciative..

Tschako @ 9/30/2015 10:58 AM

Krisnlc: You already know the answer, you put it in your post. I suggest you take a bunch of "ridealongs" with Law Enforcement to understand the attitudes and motivations that drive LEO's You'll find that protecting the rights and welfare of honest citizens ranks very high with them.

cwardlaw @ 9/30/2015 10:59 AM

That's my feelings on it Krisnic. I've been on the front lines since 89 facing gun threats as an officer, a corporal and a shift sergeant. I haven't wanted stricter gun laws because they will affect only the lawful people. The criminals are going to get them by thefts of people they don't know, through people they do know, by having someone else legally buy one or by going through the black market. What's never emphasized by the anti-gun side or left wing media is the fact that it's the individual holding the gun that's the danger. Once the first type of gun goes, they will not stop. In the end, the only ones that will have weapons will be the criminals. I don't even want to think about what it would be like if the lawful citizens were known by the criminals to be unarmed. I do not want my gun rights as a private citizen fringed upon. Of all the shootings I have read about in my state and across the country, none of the suspects were known to be responsible recreationists or hunters.

Tschako @ 9/30/2015 11:00 AM

Krisnlc: You already know the answer, you put it in your post. I suggest you take a bunch of "ridealongs" with Law Enforcement to understand the attitudes and motivations that drive LEO's You'll find that protecting the rights and welfare of honest citizens ranks very high with them.

Deputyjjg @ 9/30/2015 12:32 PM

Krisnic...You answered your own question Dude. Gun control laws do EXACTLY NOTHING to deter criminals. That is why they are criminals..because they break laws. 35 Yr. LEO (TX)

Jim the Last @ 9/30/2015 1:25 PM

Krisnic, you said it in a nutshell. Criminals do NOT obey laws. That's why they're called criminals. "Gun Control" laws only affect the law abiding citizen. The "bad gun control and usage" Cops face is generally due to a lack of criminal control, or identification of, treatment of, and control of the mentally ill, not "gun control". New York City Cops reduced the city's crime rate by controlling criminals, by arresting them and the courts putting them in jail. NYC's unbelievably stupid, discriminatory gun laws have never been shown to reduce the amount of gun violence by one case. Taking the perps off the street is what reduces the crime rate. CA prohibits .50 caliber rifles. Had you ever heard of a gang-banger buying a $10,000 Barrett M82 so he can do a drive-by shooting with it's $7 per round ammo? Me neither. Must have been some real problem out in West L.A. to need to get that law passed.

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