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New York Bans Semi-Auto Rifles, High-Cap Magazines

January 15, 2013  | 

New York is set to become the first state to enact stricter gun control laws after the Newtown, Conn., school shooting on Dec. 14.

The state Assembly passed a bill to bolster New York's ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines today after the state Senate approved the bill Monday, reports USA Today. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign a package of tougher gun measures into law soon.

In addition to requiring universal background checks for all gun and ammunition sales, the bill includes an immediate ban on semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols with a "military-style feature," such as a flash suppressor or a bayonet mount.

The legislation would also include the "Webster provision," a life-without-parole sentence for anyone found to have killed a first responder.

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Chuck @ 1/16/2013 12:15 AM

This is really stupid. What about guns on the black market ? All the asssult rifles that obama gave to the drug cartels will wind up back here on the streets. Sorry gov but you are very naive and stupid.

Frank @ 1/16/2013 4:07 AM

Well I agree with the last papragraph. So all you criminals or future criminals stay out of New York. But what do you expect from the state that has NYC and Bloomberg. Glad to see that the country is handling this issue correctly. So should we applaud New York's Politician for such a rational move? Not!

Bob @ VA @ 1/16/2013 4:56 AM

Now NY will become the next Mexico. Gangs with black market weapons supplied by BATFE will be terrorizing disarmed citizens within 5 years. Just look at Oakland, LA, and Chicago. Over 500 dead in gun-free Chicago alone last year. And the registration will just be the next step towards confiscation.

The real question is will LEOs in NY be true to their oath to uphold the Constitution or will they break their oath to impose these unconstitutional measures.

D J @ 1/16/2013 5:33 AM


Chris @ 1/16/2013 5:42 AM

Am I missing something " assault rifles" are already illegal in NY, hence the term NY compliant rifle. The flash suppressors, bayonet mounts, and collapsible stocks have all been removed.

WVSheepdog @ 1/16/2013 5:44 AM

I do not understand the political hatred for the Second Amendment. Why do they waste so much time infringing on The People's right to bear arms? I thought they were sworn to uphold the Constitution when they took the oath of office?

Curt @ 1/16/2013 6:01 AM

More treasonous conduct from subversive, America-hating, liberals? Gee, what a surprise!

Curt @ 1/16/2013 6:08 AM

"I do not understand the political hatred for the Second Amendment. Why do they waste so much time infringing on The People's right to bear arms? I thought they were sworn to uphold the Constitution when they took the oath of office? "

They'll never admit it but their reason for disarming the people is the same as Hitler's. The British tried to do so (for the same reason) some 230 years ago. They learned their lesson quickly but lately they seem to have forgotten it as they have recently banned almost all guns in their little kingdom.

And Bob in VA - you are correct, registration ALWAYS leads to confiscation. History proves this to be absolutely true.

Ed @ 1/16/2013 6:24 AM

So let's blame the actions of a lunatic criminal on the law-abiding? Brilliant. Nicely done, NY.

Mark @ 1/16/2013 7:00 AM

What is really stupid is the high cap mag ban. It gives people one year to sell any mags over 7 rounds or they are a criminal. To my knowledge no one makes a 7 round mag for some 1911 pistols, glocks, or other semi-autos. I hope they refuse to manufacture them so NYers semi pistols will only be legal without a magazine. The people of New York put those politicians in office and gave us outside of NY Schummer and Clinton, so its hard to feel sorry for them.

Dan @ 1/16/2013 9:48 AM

Oh man. Rep. King, bloomberg and the rest of the congress cronies really pulled down thier pants and took a collective dump on the constitution. @curt was right. This is just like hitler, only in reverse and they are going after white guys. I've already had to hide my daughter from all the colored people and my son lost his farmin' job to a migrant worker.
@mark made a totally valid point so stupid. What's next? A 6 round magazine? 5? 4? 2? I mean maybe they just prefer I just load a musket?

John @ 1/16/2013 11:39 AM

Unfortunately, alot of U.S. citizens are either ignorant or just plain stupid. They have no knowledge of our history, Bill of Rights or the way firearms operate. Their vast knowlege is based on left wing media (tv, newspapers, magazines and internet) headlines/sound bites. They are too lazy to actually research the subject of firearm ownership. Often these people think that preserving the right for an individual to own a low capacity, long barrel, bolt or lever action rifle (stored unlocked in a safe) for hunting is somehow protecting the Second Admendment. Or, they say this country utilized muskets when the S.A. was written. If available, do you think George Washington and his troops would have used repeating arms during the War for Independence? There was no television or internet when the First Admendment was written. So, should freedom of speech apply to these forms of communications?

Finally, most standard issue pistol magazines hold up to 17 rounds. So, how can any magazine that holds less than 17 rounds be considered high capacity?

haskins @ 1/17/2013 9:48 AM

I am just glad I live in a free state (Tennessee). I am sorry for the oppressed people who live in New York.

gap @ 1/18/2013 8:40 AM

Does the background check stated also include a mental health check? in Australia we have background checks for all new licence applicants, licence renewal applications (occurs every 3 to 5 years depending on the licence) BUT none of these checks are a mental health check due to privacy laws and the Medical Association not supporting it. The only mental health check we have is a question on the application form with a Yes or No answer, If you're slightly paranoid which of the two answers would you select? Remember all our mass shooters were all under medical treatment or had been seen by medical practitioners for mental issues BEFORE they OBTAINED a firearms licence or purchased firearms and went on their murderous missions. Remember this all our uniform officers (First responders carry pistols and only have 3A armour. All but one of our mass murderers (gunmen) used high powered rifles or shotguns. Go figure.

Tom Ret @ 2/5/2013 7:07 PM

I heard that a gulf war vet was recently arrested and charged in New York with 5 felonies for having in his possession five 30 shot magazines. Instead of reducing crime, arrests like these are more likely to galvanize public opinion against the police making their job more difficult.

..... @ 3/4/2013 7:30 PM

Good thing a musket doesn't even qualify as firearm anymore as per the BATF ..... haha........ And anyone that thinks restricting or taking the right of those who follow the laws is a good idea is an idiot. Sure guns can cause problem and make LEOs jobs harder but lets make them all illegal, band all guns !!! That doesn't mean I can stop worrying that there's a gun or could be one in every situation. But that does mean my law abiding brother can't defend him self or family with out breaking a law. The " Webster provision" is that only valid part of this new legislation. And John your first statement is sadly dead on.

Dan @ 3/14/2013 8:22 PM

For the best on this subject....simply watch the video...Virtual State of the Union - with Bill Whittle

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