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Ill. County Considers 'Violence Tax' On Guns, Ammo

October 11, 2012  | 

Drawing the ire of the gun lobby, Cook County Board President Preckwinkle is eyeing a violence tax on guns and ammunition sold in the city and suburbs, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

Such a tax alone wouldn't close a $115 million budget gap in 2013, but it could at least funnel money into the county’s $3 billion operation—where roughly two-thirds of the budget pays for both the county’s public health clinics and two hospitals along with the criminal justice system that includes the courts and jail.

The idea is to curb the number of guns in circulation, he said, citing a report issued last summer showing that nearly one-third of the guns recovered on Chicago's streets were purchased in suburban gun shops.

Other statistics are more dire: Murders in Chicago are up 25% this year, according to recent police statistics, and the county jail is filling up—with 9,000-plus inmates, nearing the 10,155 capacity.

Read the full Chicago Sun-Times story.

Comments (16)

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Jason Barnes @ 10/11/2012 4:07 PM

Cook Cty is notoriously corrupt, and this crooked and idiotic proposal is consistent with that corruption.

Jerry @ 10/11/2012 4:18 PM

Right. Great idea. Tax the lawful, responsible gun owners for the "privilege" of owning a gun or buying ammo for the range. Lets call it a "violence tax". But who is causing all this violence? The gang bangers, thugs and dopers. Last time I checked these guys weren't paying taxes! So IL creates a sate wide "criminal safe zone" for gun violence thats perpetrated against the unarmed, unprotected citizens who pay the "violence tax" in money and their blood. Did Rahm & Preckwinkle forget that Chicago is the murder capitol of the USA? How about passing concealed carry in IL and see how fast the murder rate drops! An armed society is a polite society! Responsible citizens aren't shooting at LEO's. Responsible citizens aren't in a drug turf war, aren't shooting their neighbors or robbing people on the "L" or at ATM's. But the gang bangers, thugs and dopers are! And they don't pay taxes! This is just another way for Chicago & Cook County to blame someone else for their lack of ability to solve the crime problem. They've come me up with a creative way to raise taxes to plug their continuing and ever growing budget gap from all of their previous waste and mismanagement.

Tom Ret @ 10/11/2012 4:19 PM

If Preckwinkle thinks this will keep the guns out of the hands of the criminals, he must be brain dead. The criminals will likely steal a gun if they can't afford one or get one out of county. The law abiding citizen will be the one penalized and thus more likely to be unarmed and victimized.

[email protected] @ 10/11/2012 4:19 PM

First off, I think there should be two "i's" in his name, not "e's". Second, are all of Crook County management (?) this lame-brained? I wonder how many of those recovered guns were stolen in the first place. With the insipid gun laws in effect in that crap hole city they should be more active in frying these gangsters involved in street shootings instead of turning them back out on the street. Fine example of a corrupt city putting it's law-abiding citizens at risk due to cut backs in LEOs' on the street, all the while paying the mayor & his cronies much more then their worth. Blues, Stay Safe.

Curt @ 10/11/2012 4:49 PM

They don't call it "Crook County" for nothing. Must be a few whores left there that missed the Obama bus to the District Of Corruption!

Rudy Medina @ 10/11/2012 5:09 PM

Just another gimmic, to punish and make gun ownership , so expensive, it forces any lawful person to rethink the purchase of a firearm, when it doesn't mean a thing to a miscreant, who obtains , posseses, or purchases weapons and ammo , in an illegal manner. Criminals are responsible for their criminality, and not the lawful citizen. Punishment is meant for the law-breaker. This is just plain gun control , from a different angle. Prosecute the laws already on the books and quit trying to tweak the 2nd Amendment and blaming the licensed gun owners. If revenues are needed to run the state, then charge the criminal, a stiff, fine , or fee, that will not go to the court system , but to state coffers to offset the damages they may have caused, and direct the monies to clinics and hospitals. This appears on its face a typical Chicago style ,extortion attempt on the citizens of Cook County. I guess , it's to be expected from a dubious administration .

R. G. Montgomery @ 10/11/2012 6:03 PM

I never fail to be amazed at people and ideologies who consistently blame inanimate objects for human misbehavior.

Not to mention the paranoid delusion of 'guns are evil'.

OC COP @ 10/12/2012 12:39 AM

Jerry, "You hit the nail on the head" or as some would say, "You hit the ball out of the park" with your comments. Ditto. Another product of Illinois, blame someone else when things do work as planned. I just want to regurgitate. Keep up the good work.

Ann @ 10/12/2012 6:33 AM

I have to agree w/everyone (except Curt who for some reason just had to throw the "Obama" name in the mix). I legally own a weapon for personal protection @ home. The cost of ammo is skyrocketing, meanwhile the criminals get their guns & ammo free by stealing from people. Things are so backwards these days! Why would you punish people for what the criminals do - we already get punished enough when WE HAVE TO PAY OUR HARD EARNED $$$ TO PAY FOR THEM TO GO TO JAIL FOR WHAT THEY'VE DONE TO US!
Like I said, A$$backwards!!!

Lt.Tommy @ 10/12/2012 6:37 AM

I know, lets tax the voters when they show up at the ballot box and call it the "Stupid Tax"...that makes about as much sense as a "Violent Tax" on guns and ammo. I have been around alot of guns and ammo as I am sure all of you have...I have never met a gun or ammo that was violent... are politicians really this ignorant, any legislation that ooses so much political slant is obviously unconstitutional but we're paying these nit wits to "govern" and thi s is what they come up with

Johnny @ 10/12/2012 11:12 AM

Did I miss something? Did Bloomberg move to Chicago?

John @ 10/12/2012 2:12 PM

I think Curt may have referenced Obama due to Obama's corrupt Administration, ie previous connections to A.C.O.R.N., the "Fast and Furious" cover up and collaborations with Media Matters. Additionally, Obama (and the Democrat controlled Senate) appointed two anti-gun Supreme Court Justices. So, let me explain to any pro-gun Democrat voters, you cannot vote for or support any Democrat candidate if you are truely pro gun. Yes, even if your Democrat Representative or Senator supports the Second Admendment (a rarity). This is due to the majority party's control of Congress (ie votes, leadership positions, and committee assignments).

tucsonjohn @ 10/12/2012 6:44 PM

What's happening in Illinois is a "preview of coming attractions."
If Obama is re-elected, our beloved 2nd Am will face assault from liberal, gun-hating US Supreme Ct appointments, more "fast and furious" stunts from AG Holder and our dear POTUS.

Jim A @ 10/14/2012 2:03 PM

It is crazy to think the law abiding citizens and gun owners are causing the violence. Put the tax where it is due; on the gangsters. Create a new law that makes it illegal to belong to or associate with a gang without first applying for and receiving a permit. Make the fine significant and the level of proof very low. At least then, you hit the right element of the population.

Greg @ 10/15/2012 4:35 AM

Remember, these are the same people who tried to make it illegal for innocent people stuck living in the public housing slums to own a gun to protect themselves....seems Holder is more worried about "his" people (fellow criminals) being hurt by "his" people (Blacks). Washington DC has the same problem.

Mo Cop @ 10/15/2012 8:42 AM

This is one of the most ridiculous things I have heard this year but hey coming from the great state of IL I am not surprised. First let’s say this for what it is:

Cook County Board President Preckwinkle has a thought
“Murder rate is up 25% and we are leading the nation in that category which means law abiding citizens will want to further arm themselves to help protect themselves and their families so lets tax the holy SH** out of them so we can bail or failed budgets out of red because we are in a job we can’t handle.” Further “If we keep a high enough tax the crime rate will remain high due to affordability and we can keep that fat money coming in to make us look like we didn’t sink the budget in the first place.”

Criminals don’t pay taxes and saying that most of the guns were purchased from the gun shops locally is not relevant to the conversation unless you indicate how many of the law abiding citizens (that’s right, not subjects but citizens) used the legally purchase firearms to commit crimes vs. having them stolen by the criminals in the first place.
Something these folks will always fail to see is even by their own stats 66.9% of the firearms they recover (based on their on admission) are not purchased or obtained legally. You want to get your city straight once and for all Mr. Preckwinkle? Stop handicapping your LE and let them go wild on the gangs and get it done. Attack every aspect of the gangs with hardcore city ordinances and destroy them financially, take their cars, their houses and everyone that has anything to do with them. Stop holding their hands and keeping them safe from the law enforcement officers that took an oath to keep your citizens safe from them. Sounds like you need to have a meeting with your Sheriff and Police Chief and explain to them it is

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