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S&W Introduces SD VE Pistols

June 05, 2012  | 

Smith & Wesson's SD9 VE with 16+1 capacity. Photo: S&W
Smith & Wesson's SD9 VE with 16+1 capacity. Photo: S&W

Smith & Wesson Corp. has introduced the SD9 VE and SD40 VE semi-auto pistols for "self protection and home defense needs," according to the company.

S&W is marketing the pistols, which are chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W, as a next-gen hybrid of their SD and Sigma pistols.

"With the introduction of the new SD9 VE and SD40 VE pistols, we have taken the best features of the SD and Sigma pistols and evolved them into a new generation of firearms that meet our customers' requirement in terms of both functionality and price," said Mario Pasantes, senior vice president of marketing and global professional sales.

The foundation of each SD VE pistol is based on a lightweight polymer frame, designed for greater comfort and durability. On the stainless steel slide, the SD VE pistol features a distinctive two-tone finish along with aggressive front and rear slide serrations. The pistols arrive with S&W's Self Defense Trigger (SDT) that provides a smooth, consistent pull and helps enhance accuracy, according to the company. The SD VE arrives with a white-dot front sight and a white two-dot rear sight.

For optimal comfort and control, the SD VE pistol has been fitted with an 18-degree point of aim and ergonomic grip with aggressive front and back strap texturing. The pistols also arrive with a textured finger locator directly above the trigger guard on the left and right side of the frame. A Picatinny rail is also standard.

The SD9 VE is available with either a 16+1 or 10+1 round capacity while the SD40 VE is standard with either a 14+1 or 10+1 magazine capacity. Both pistols have an unloaded weight of 22.7 ounces and a slender width of 1.29 inches. They have a 4-inch barrel and an overall length of 7.2 inches.

Each pistol comes with two magazines. The pistols retail for $379.

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Comments (14)

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Tommy @ 6/5/2012 4:01 PM

Hard to beat that price in today's market. Time (and thousands of rounds downrange) will tell if that price was achieved at the expense of performance and durability.

Jason Barnes @ 6/5/2012 7:00 PM

Heck of a price!

I like the idea of a fingertip "locator" patch. A small but real safety feature and reminder.

Twobanger @ 6/6/2012 2:28 PM

Twobanger I see there seems to be some sort of modification on the frame. I hope they fix the trigger. The ones I have shot, and I still own one in 40cal, have the worst trigger ever designed. Ergonomically superior to a glock. Give me an M&P ant day of the week!

EDWARD SARDEY @ 11/21/2012 1:42 AM

Nice starter for semi-autos. Having a hard time with failure to feed. Especially bad with non-lead frangible ammo. Will try 165gr American Eagle fmj next.

Tom Crosby @ 11/23/2012 8:02 PM

After cleaning and lubing the new pistol, we took the new SD9VE to the range today. In the first mag, I think we had 3-4, maybe 5 FTF incidents with the Remington 115gr rounds. Second clip, another 3-4 FTF's. For the third clip, I think we had 2 FTF's. Finally, things settled down and the FTF indicidents went away.

S &W @ 1/21/2013 10:42 PM

Just wondering if anyone sees a negative in using this (SD9 VE)weapon as duty weapon in armed security? I'm just getting into that line of work as a second income. I ask because I own one already, and did all my qualifying/training with it and I like it. I'm kinda into the less is more approach of this gun. I've never had an FTF or any malfunction at all. And I like the ease of operation. And it fits my hand better than any other gun I've found. I know it's meant to be an entry level self defense weapon. But am just very comfortable with this gun. I tried an M&P, and its a nice gun for sure. But it would be more money spent, and I didn't really notice that much added benefit. So would the SD9 VE work admirably enough?

LTMEMORY @ 2/20/2013 6:23 AM

Being a retired police officer myself -- I always felt that "less is more" is the correct approach to a service weapon. When I was on, I carried a revolver (.357 Magnum Model 19 Smith & Wesson Combat Magnum) which was esentially a "pull and point" and you're ready for anything type of firearm. With a semi automatic (I feel) you need the same type of weapon, and the Sigma or SD is that type of weapon. The officer is not required to flip a safety, or make sure he/she has the grip safety down, or anything else that can take a small amount of time, but time nevertheless. In a profound and dangerous situation, the last thing an officer needs to do is divert attention from the immediate threat to making sure the firearm is properly gripped, unlocked, or anything else. That small time required to do such a thing can be the difference between going home at the end of the shift or being the latest "officer died in the line of duty" statistic. With the Sigma and SD, they are very user friendly and do the job as well and anything else out there -- that is to provide immediate protection for the owner. I own two Sigmas presently and SWEAR BY THEM. For the money you WILL NOT find a better service weapon.

Leo Guy @ 6/16/2014 3:56 AM

Overall S&W SD9VE is an excellent issues had several issues with slide failing to stay open and one misfeed with Remington 115 grain FMJ ammo problems did go away.

Leo Guy @ 6/21/2014 12:46 AM

Fired 1,000 rounds of different ammo with the S&W SD9VE without incident, overall an excellent pistol at a bargain price. I don't like the rear plastic sight and chamber indicator is useless in low light situations. Smith & Wesson should have used a dual recoil spring instead of single plastic guide rod. Recommend the S&W SD9VE.

Jerry A. @ 8/22/2014 4:10 PM

New SD9VE owner as of 8-2-2014. Did my homework/research and found the pistol on sale. I have always shot/used/carried S&W revolvers, so the SD9VE feels very "natural" to me; a semi-auto revolver, if you will. Not much range time yet, but with 150 rounds (FC Military 115 Gr. Ball, REM-UMC 115 Gr. FMJ and Blazer Brass 115 Gr. FMJ)-no malfunctions/issues of any kind, so far.
Am a member of the smith-Wesson forum (MyDads38) and this line of pistols gets talked about at length-good and bad. Any issues get taken care of under warranty at no cost to owner and turn around time is usually 2-3 weeks. CS seems to be what you expect from a company like S&W.
S&W has always been my first choice in handguns, with Ruger being my next choice-I own firearms from both companies and am very satisfied.
For around $300 you get a hi-capacity 9mm or 40 cal. pistol, Made in the USA, with exceptional Customer Service from an established company; what's NOT to like? Kudos to Smith & Wesson!

HITMAN88 @ 6/19/2015 7:55 PM


Joe @ 8/21/2015 7:21 PM

My sw40ve & sd9ve works great, The only problem i have is opening them for cleaning.
anyone else have this problem?? Is their a easier way or a tool to open them for cleaning other than your fingers????

phillip C. Lamb @ 3/13/2017 1:14 PM

I have a Glock 23 with Trijicon sites. I really like my sd9ve too. The trigger pull don't bother me, but I would like a nice night site though. It's as accurate and reliable as my G23.

Phillip C Lamb @ 10/10/2018 6:00 PM

I did the Apex spring kit upgrade, but did not replace the trigger. It's as smooth as butter with excellent reset. I'm happy with it.

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