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Michigan May Allow Residents To Carry Stun Guns

December 01, 2011  | 

Michigan would become the 45th state to allow residents to carry stun guns for self-defense if Gov. Rick Snyder signs a measure now circulating in the state's legislature. Wisconsin added its name to the list on Nov. 1.

To carry a stun gun, residents would have to go through similar training as those who apply for a concealed weapon permit, reports USA Today.

Taser International holds a 95% market share on stun guns, and two-thirds of its sales are to law enforcement or the military.

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lester @ 12/9/2011 7:08 AM

i dont think the state of michigan in the legislative dept. actually knows what bill there trying to pass. these high powered so called thinkers that surpress this law must first sit down and figure out the diffrence . between a taser and a stun gun. both are very diffrent in the way they work. with all there college training and undergraduate knowledge even a 89 year old man can sit down and tell you the diffrence between the two devices. first of all a taser is a electrical device that shoots a carterage out the end of the gun which delivers a blast of a highly potent amount of ampheres. but they think its electricity . no its the ampheres that imobilize the assaliant. it is activated by the touch of a trigger and produces the same effects as killokinetic energy. which in terms as long as the finger is holding the trigger the electrical charge will remain concurrent. period this can almost result in a cardiac failure to the so called attacker. as long as this device is activated with a trigger it is cocidered a firearm period. there are more deaths with a taser than with a acctual firearm. second a stun gun is unique in its own words. it is a small hand held device that requires a couple of batteries to opperate it. it does not deliver a amount of ampheres but instead it produces milkron .. which in termes it only works when you keep it pressed againt the attacker, which means if you have to press it on a person to make it opperate than realistically your attacker is allready to close. this device is effictive if you are allready being attacked and it mite not save you from injury if your attacker is stronger than you. it is not trigger activated and is not concidered a fire arm. it only works when its pushed on a person. it is usually small hand held and dosent deliver enough potency to actually injure any one . it is mostlt a suprise small jolt that makes a attacker let you loose. so thats the diffrence between the two devices.

lester @ 12/9/2011 7:10 AM

the state opf michigan does not really no what law they are trying to pass . there is a big diffrence between a stun gun and a taser. well thats what happens when you have some of the best brains in office.

cuffem66 @ 12/13/2011 9:52 AM

A taser is NOT a is not classified as one. It does not use gunpowder. My can of Lysol kitchen cleaner has a trigger on it, so is it a firearm. Good grief. Also"lester" a police taser runs for 5 seconds when activated then shuts off. It's electrical current is in milliamps. The pattern of electricity generated by a taser does not interfere with heart is on a different "T" wave than the current your body provides for heart rhythm. Do your homework, and brush up on your taser facts.

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