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100 Fast and Furious Guns Found at Mexican Cartel Enforcer's Home

October 10, 2011  | 

Associates of a Mexican drug cartel transported an arsenal of battle rifles illegally purchased under the ATF's Fast and Furious operation from Phoenix to the home of the cartel's top enforcer in Ciudad Juarez.

In all, 100 illegally purchased weapons were transported to El Paso. Forty of the weapons made it across the border and into the hands of feared cartel leader Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo. Six other Fast and Furious guns have been recovered in Columbus, New Mexico, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Torres Marrufo, also known as "the Jaguar," has been identified by U.S. authorities as the enforcer for Sinaloa cartel chieftain Joaquin "Chapo" Guzman. The weapons were found by Mexican police during an inspection of one of Torres Marrufo's on April 30. Authorities also found dozens of other arms, including an antiaircraft machine gun, sniper rifle and grenade launcher.

Source: Los Angeles Times


N.M. Chief Who Smuggled Guns Into Mexico Had Checkered Past

Memos Indicate Eric Holder Lied About Botched Gun Operation

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Tom Ret @ 10/10/2011 6:32 PM

Obama won't be able to protect Holder for much longer.

Morning Eagle @ 10/11/2011 12:27 AM

obama is certainly more concerned for himself than he is about holder but there can be little reasonable doubt that both of them approved this from its outset. Congress must not allow them to skate by on this one. Yeah, dream on. DOJ, the department that SHOULD be doing an in-depth investigation of government wrong doing, has blessed and is conducting this criminal operation. DOJ is clearly complicit plus it has been so politicized that even its investigative sub-agencies have basically had their hands tied by these pieces of sub-human crap that are running the show. Even the two congressmen that have been trying to root out the criminals are being thwarted at every turn by stonewalling and an arrogant lack of cooperation by holder, et al.

IF, I say again, IF the media would even half way do their job of publicizing what is happening it could turn the tide. But they won't. They are obviously taking their marching orders on what to report from this treasonous, bought and paid for administration. Can they possibly be so ignorant of history as to believe they will be spared by the communist dictatorship they are aiding and abetting the formation of? Freedom of the press and speech will be one of the first things to bite the dust. They have proven themselves to be nothing but useful idiots and will be cast aside like the dirty rags they are once power is consolidated and they are no longer needed to mislead a gullible, apathetic public.

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