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Arizona Sheriff Criticizes State's Gun Laws

January 09, 2011  | 

Pima County (Ariz.) Sheriff Clarence Dupnik angrily criticized his state's gun laws during a Sunday news conference updating the media about the investigation into the mass shooting in Tucson a day earlier at a political event.

"I have never been a proponent of letting everybody in this state carry weapons under any circumstances that they want," said Dupnik, a Democrat. "And that's almost where we are."

Jared Lee Loughner, 22, appears in court Monday to face charges relating to the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 18 other people.

Loughner legally purchased the Glock 19 9mm semi-automatic handgun he used in the shooting from the Sportsman's Warehouse outlet in Tucson on Nov. 30. He passed an instant background check required under federal law for all gun buyers. A law enacted last year allowed Loughner to conceal and carry the pistol without a permit, reports the Washington Post.

Dupnik also criticized state legislators, who proposed a bill that would allow students and teachers to carry concealed weapons on Arizona college campuses.

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Comments (14)

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Morning Eagle @ 1/10/2011 6:44 PM

No matter how restrictive gun laws are, even to total prohibition, people with criminal intent will still get them one way or another. That is an historical fact. To put any part of the blame for the acts of this individual on your state's laws is hitting out at the wrong target. The shooter alone is responsible, NOT the gun and NOT the laws. It was against the law for him to shoot those people but he did it anyway. Please don’t try to use this tragic incident to further an agenda. Lord knows there is already enough of that taking place.

SAM551974D @ 1/10/2011 8:54 PM

The person who did these murders is unstable...and there were indicators that may have been missed by limitations of current law and privacy rights everyone yells about all the time... at a high cost...Remember the Verbal Judo saying – Dr. George J. Thomson, When we REACT to a situation it is controlling us - when we RESPOND we are in control?...Do not forget 24 July 1998 incident, a disturbed man killed two capital police officers when he triggered an alarm...Balance is very difficult with access and does come with risks like everything in life get out of the reactive mode and stay in the proactive mode by Following the lessons that came at cost throwing them in a desk drawer or computer attachment that's never read helps little.. There is much you can do to minimize also Listen to your security protective details, DPS, DSS, PSD, USMS,USSS etc.

ROB ROY @ 1/10/2011 10:30 PM

It's obvious that dupnik is not a peace officer. There is nothing wrong with our gun law's. Our fire arm related crimes are far lower than D.C., Chicago, California, New York, etc. W

ROB ROY @ 1/10/2011 10:33 PM

far more restrictive gun laws than we do. dupnik is just another useless liberal politician trying to place the blame on saomething else other than his own incompetence

tpd223 @ 1/11/2011 2:16 AM

It's sad when folks who should be cops are only impersonating one.

Typical politician.

FireCop08 @ 1/11/2011 5:06 AM

Who is electing this guy in as Sheriff? His statements regarding comments from Republican and Tea Party members inciting this type of criminal behavior, and now offering this opinion on gun ownership should give all Pima County voters a good idea of the 'problem' they have to remove next election. Morning Eagle's line about using this tragic event to further an agenda is right on the mark, and can't be explaine any other way that to say it is truly dispicable and disgusting.

AZBIGDOG @ 1/11/2011 5:38 AM

Dupnik is a disgrace to officers and command elements everywhere. His opinions are left wing, take away all the rights of the common citizen. What would be nice to see is that since he does not believe citizens should own guns, his officers not be allowed to carry firearms while not in the uniform. Sounds stupid doesn't it. But that is what he wants the citizens of this state and country to put up with. Being from Arizona I hope that his time in office will end at the next election. His statements clearly show he does not have the common sense and intelligence to run a law enforcement department, and not be a political puppet of the liberal gun grabbing agenda.

cdswanson @ 1/11/2011 5:57 AM

The only person responsible is the person whose finger was on the trigger.

acb777 @ 1/11/2011 6:30 AM

Can someone answer this question; "Where were the Puma County Sheriff and his deputiies when this tragedy took place"? It was the action of brave civilians that ended this when it did. It could have been much worse without their actions. Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is a disgrace and an embarasment to law enforcement.

depharry @ 1/11/2011 7:58 AM

Hey Sheriff - say hello to the U.S. Constitution, specifically the 2nd Amendment. What a partisan - he blamed the Republican party in every way except saying their name. He was just angry because the FBI kicked him to the curb and assumed leadership of the investigation, thenk God.

americanvin @ 1/11/2011 11:55 AM

By offering his unsolicited political viewpoints when asked about the progress of the criminal investigation, Sheriff Dupnik lost all credibility as an impartial law enforcement officer and should be removed from his position. Sheriff Wavy Gravy could do a better job.

SAM551974D @ 1/11/2011 5:39 PM

My heart goes out to all the victims of these senseless murders pre-mediatated so not unstable- planned. The only one responsible is the triggerman. The same laws on handguns could of put and end to this much quicker had someone in area had one...The truth is based on my expereince he tested the security or lack of (Soft Target) and we all know the results. When are we going to pay attention to all the lessons we keep getting in the past to prevent future incidents? Lt Col Ret - Dave Grossman hit the issue numerous times along with Officer safety trainer's and LE Publications Like Police... His quote here-"Denial is our greatest enemy. Denial makes us physically and psychologically unready at the moment of truth!" It's time we listened and learned!

Welcome_to_the_USSA @ 1/15/2011 6:38 PM

This idiot Sheriff should be targeted for defeat in the next election. Sheriff is an elected position. All gun laws other than the 2nd Amendment are unconstitutional, and the Sheriff is the supreme law enforcement officer of the land. Since he took an oath to uphold the constitution, but does not want to do that, he should not win election.

If he does win re-election, it'll prove what I already know: Arizona --like the rest of America-- is full of illiterate morons.

Before you whine and whimper about how wrong I am, find one single Amendment of the first ten to our Constitution that is still in force. If you are well-informed, you can't. If you are totally uninformed, as most people are, you will claim we still have freedom of speech.

However, the freedom of speech includes the right not to speak. Yet you are forced to subsidize politicians via "campaign finance reform", and those politicians are forced to bear witness against themselves and to disclose their finances. "McCain-Feingold" discourage common folks from running for office, and protects incumbents. It is a maze of crap, designed by the incumbent sociopaths to protect them from challenges, and it directly contradicts the First Amendment. Add to that the prohibitions on videotaping on-the-clock government workers (while the state reserves the right to videotape us all in public), and you have only symbolic freedom of speech. You can speak --so long as your speech is ineffective at producing change. Google "The War on Cameras" and read the Reason article that comes back if you want to see just how right I am.

If you aren't an active libertarian by now, you are completely asleep.

...I rest my case.

rottiedog @ 1/16/2011 5:18 AM

Another example of an Admin guy, not a police officer, commenting on a subject he has no knowledge of. As stated, our current guns laws are sufficient, if not excessive in some areas, they just need to be prosecuted properly. In my jurisdiction, the DA's office choses the gun violations as the first charges to deal away in order to gain their precious "conviction". The theory being that if the gun charge is not used as leverage, the suspect will force a trial because no one wants to be convicted of a gun violation, with the appropriate enhancements. If the current gun laws were prosecuted "zero tolerance", there would be a marked change in the attitudes of those that feel our current gun laws are insufficient.

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