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Do We Still Need Batons?  

March 1, 2009

By Dean Scoville

The Rodney King incident still colors how the public views the use of batons. For that reason and others, some officers are reluctant to use the tool.

Police Product Test: Streamlight TLR-1  

March 1, 2009

By Scott Smith

I have found the lights from Streamlight to be easy to operate, durable, and innovative, as well as affordably priced. The company's TLR-1 is no exception.

Para USA Tactical Target Rifle  

February 1, 2009

By Mike Detty

One of the announcements that took me by surprise at last year's SHOT Show was that Para Ordnance, the Canadian firm best known for its line of high-capacity 1911s, was introducing a new AR-style rifle.

Bags & Cases  

February 1, 2009

By Thi Dao

Find out about the latest bags and cases for all of your gear.

Police Product Test: The Force Special Ops Cargo Pants  

February 1, 2009

By Scott Smith

Today, agencies are transitioning to uniforms that serve more than one function. The Force Special Ops Cargo pants are a fine example of pants that can multi-task.

To Keep and Bear Arms  

February 1, 2009

By Devallis Rutledge

Before traveling to another state where you intend to carry off duty, do a little research and inquire about local laws regulating firearms possession on private property.

Kahr Arms CW45 Pistol  

January 1, 2009

By Paul Scarlata

The newest fighting pistol in the Kahr line is CW45, chambered for…what else?…the .45 ACP. While it looks very similar to the earlier P45, the CW45 is intended as an economy model.

SHOT Show 2009 Preview  

January 1, 2009


Here’s a quick look at the latest ammo, handguns, and long guns that you will see in Orlando this month.

Obama and Law Enforcement: What Will He Do?  

January 1, 2009

By David Griffith

No one knows how Obama's presidency will play out. The only thing we do know is what he has said that he plans to do in the next four years. The following is an examination of what he's said about issues near and dear to American law enforcement and commentary from leading law enforcement experts on how it will affect you.

Survival is Your Responsibility  

January 1, 2009

By Michael T. Rayburn

Recent "scientific" studies have shown that officer-involved shootings happen very quickly…DUH! One only needs to talk to any officer who has ever been involved in a shooting to figure that out.

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