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Reviews : Police Product Test

Police Product Test: DeSantis Cozy Partner Holster

Quality leather and a sturdy, streamlined design make this IWB a great addition to your duty or off-duty gear.

July 21, 2009  |  by Scott Smith - Also by this author

One item we all need for our on- and off-duty weapon is a good holster. My definition of a good holster is one that retains your firearm, conceals it well, and when needed allows you to make a smooth, quick presentation. This is especially important for your off-duty and plainclothes concealed carry handgun.

Oftentimes concealed carry holsters have this snap, this widget, and that gizmo to secure your firearm, and you need to deactivate these while holding your shirt, coat, or whatever else out of the way. Many folks prefer a holster with none of these items, but some type of tensioning device is required, aka a tension screw. An overtightened tension screw can lock a pistol in place, but when it's properly set a good tension screw will secure your pistol when running or tussling with the bad guy but still allow for a smooth draw.

DeSantis' Cozy Partner is a holster that offers the user all of the above. This is a strong side, inside the waistband holster with a tension screw at the rear of the trigger guard. The tension screw and your belt riding over the outboard side of the holster will keep your pistol in place.

A reinforced lip ensures the holster keeps it shape and doesn't collapse when it's not holding a pistol. This and the body guard extension on the body side of the Cozy Partner make reholstering easy.

My shooting partner tells me this holster is an excellent IWB. The body guard keeps the edge of the slide from digging into your side, and reduces the chances of your body moisture coming in prolonged contact with the slide, which could cause rust. The slight cant of the holster gives a smooth natural draw.

DeSantis offers numerous holsters for on duty and off duty, as well as a wide variety of accessories. The quality of the holsters and other products in the line are excellent.

Magnum: Cardio 4:SYS Training Shoe

Those of us who work long hours, odd shifts, and eat meals at strange times tend to overlook an area that can keep us alive on and off the job: working out. Trust me, I am all about going home and examining my favorite recliner, but I have realized that I am not 21 anymore. I need to keep my nearly half-century-old body in decent enough shape to keep up with my younger peers, not feel the effect of wearing our 20 plus pounds of gear, and in general help prevent injuries.

To make your work-out better, start with a solid base in the form of solid footwear. I have been wearing Magnum's Cardio 4:SYS. It's built to serve as a training shoe, not just a "running" shoe. The Cardio 4 has an exoskeleton to give the shoe lateral support, reducing the odds of blowing out the side of the shoe when lifting or doing various stressful moves such as lunges or lateral runs.

The Cardio 4 feels like a running shoe and performs well in this function. But I've found it also performs well on the road, on trails, as a bike shoe, and in the gym. When moving up and down the hills of Southwestern Pennsylvania, the Cardio 4 has kept my feet in the proper position. When using my favorite "running" shoes for general trail hiking or riding my bike, I have felt like my foot wants to roll over the midsole of the shoe, which can lead to a twisted ankle or knee. But the Cardio 4 has not disappointed.

Being a big guy, it's tough for me to find a shoe that is supportive enough that my feet are comfortable when simply standing like you do at a sporting event. I have worn the Cardio 4 to a couple of spring NASCAR races and have not had my feet screaming at me, my back didn't hurt, and even my beat up knees approved of the cushioning and support of the shoes.

What also sets the Cardio 4 apart from other shoes is how cool they are. We all know how hot asphalt can be on a sunny day. My feet never had that being baked feeling when walking around the track and all the parking lots. The mesh upper of this shoe truly does let your feet breathe.

Magnum has transferred the support and performance of its duty boot line to a training shoe to meet the needs of men and women in uniform. I have worn Magnum boots on and off duty for years and was impressed with the Cardio 4:SYS training shoe. These shoes, like Magnum's duty boots, are built for hard use.

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