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DPMS Panther Arms LRT-SASS Rifle

This gas-powered, rotating-bolt rifle is hefty and high-powered.

May 01, 2007  |  by Scott Smith - Also by this author

If you use the LRT-SASS in a CQB role, a weapons-mounted light is a good addition. Insight Technologies makes a number of high-intensity lights for handguns and long guns and I chose to use the new SSL1. The SSL1 puts out 80 lumens and works very well at CQB distances out to 30 or so yards. Like its predecessors, it’s a fine light for duty use.

To use the LRT in a CQB role, I installed a Trijicon ACOG TA11E because of the features it offers. The first and foremost reason I chose this sight is that it is a 3.5 power unit. This power works well at close ranges and allows the operator to make solid hits at distances out to several hundred yards. Next the TA11E uses both a fiber optic light source and in low light it is tritium powered so it’s very versatile.

If you prefer a dot sight, mount a Meprolight M21 Reflex sight. It uses fiber optics to light the sight during the day and tritium at night. This sight is offered with various dot sizes and even a triangle as the aiming point. Whatever configuration you choose, the M21 easily mounts to the LRT; it is durable and gives the operator fast sight/target acquisition in a myriad of conditions.

To see how this rifle worked for CQB, I set up I.D.P.A. targets out to 50 yards. These were engaged on the move, kneeling, and standing with double and triple taps. The ACOG or Reflex was mounted on the rifle, and the LRT performed well. Granted, an M4 would have allowed for faster shots, but the LRT-SASS performed admirably. Thanks to the weight, the rifle recovers very quickly between shots. Both the ACOG and Reflex sight aided in making the LRT an up close and personal CQB rifle.

After shooting the LRT for accuracy, up close and fast, it was time to clean it. Since this is essentially an AR-15, disassembly was fast and easy. Drop the magazine, lock the bolt to the rear (ensuring the firearm is empty and clear), release the bolt, push out the rear take down pin, pivot the upper receiver off the lower, retract the charging handle and bolt, and you are ready to clean the LRT. If you like, punch out the front pivot pin to make the cleaning process a little bit easier. After you clean and lube the LRT with your preferred products, simply reverse the take down process to reassemble the rifle.

Overall, I found the LRT-SASS to be an outstanding rifle—among the finest I have had the pleasure to shoulder and shoot. It handles well, is amazingly accurate, can double as a CQB carbine if need be…what’s not to like?

If you’re looking for a new tactical rifle for yourself or your agency, the LRT-SASS should be among those considered. The rifle is designed to meet a wide variety of applications and to accommodate a wide variety of accessories: lights, IR designators, and various types of optics and bi-pods. Because of this versatility it is my humble opinion that it will meet and exceed your wants and needs.

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Comments (3)

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Idaho Shooter @ 6/11/2012 11:52 PM

I just purchased one of these LRTs. While I'm more of a bolt gun shooter, this weapon is now my 'go-to' firearm. It performs extremely well at all ranges within it's perameters. I call it my 'Personel Suppressor Delux'. The guys I shoot with have nick named it 'Black Mamba'. Dollar for dollar, you can't go wrong with this LRT-SASS.

Brandon @ 4/28/2014 11:15 PM

I'm not trying to sound like a snoob, and I realize that your were shooting iron sights with mixed ammo, but 2in shot groups at 50 yards is terrible, and 5in shot groups at 100 yards is also terrible. That's the accuracy of a crappy AR-15.

Christopher Jackson @ 8/8/2017 11:03 PM

I asked DPMS and they stated this system can shoot 149 - 180 grain rounds. the US Army, the rounds I commonly used, in service are 178 grain. But this rifle is a nail driver. I've never had an issue. She has a bolt carrier group that is 11% larger than the typical 5.56mx45mm M855A1 round.

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