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Reviews : Arsenal

SIG Sauer SP2022

SIG’s new polymer-framed pistol is user-friendly and highly accurate.

February 01, 2007  |  by Paul Scarlata - Also by this author

SIG's new 2022 pistol isn't the first sidearm to have a polymer frame, but it's a welcome addition to a new tradition of sidearms that has continued to grow in popularity.

The first semi-automatic pistol to utilize a polymer frame was the Heckler & Koch VP70. A massive, selective-fire handgun chambered for the 9x19 cartridge, its production life was rather short lived. The next "plastic pistol" turned out to be a different story entirely. Unlike its Germanic predecessor, the Austrian Glock 17 was lightweight, compact, and very user friendly. Glock proved the practicality of polymer for constructing frames, magazines, and other pistol parts, and it wasn't long before just about every major player in the highly competitive police/military pistol market was offering a polymer-framed handgun.

SIG Enters the Picture

The Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG) was established in 1853 to manufacture railway rolling stock. After World War II, SIG formed a partnership with the German gunmaking firm of Sauer and a few years later introduced a pistol known as the P220, which was adopted by the Swiss army, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, and a number of Middle Eastern and African armies and police forces.

A few years later SIG designed a smaller pistol for German police trials, and the company's P225 was adopted by a number of German states' police agencies in addition to several other European agencies. After that SIG pursued the American market where most police forces were in the process of changing over from revolvers to semi-auto pistols.

The company's new high-capacity P226 proved a big seller. First available in 9x19, it was later offered chambered for the .40 S&W and a proprietary cartridge with magnum-like ballistics, the .357 SIG. Today, SIG pistols are used by-among others-the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Navy SEALS, U.S. Coast Guard, Ohio Highway Patrol, Rhode Island State Police, North Carolina Highway Patrol, Texas Rangers, and the Michigan State Police.

To address the growing U.S. police market, SIG established a facility in Exeter, N.H., called SIGARMS, which now manufactures the entire line of SIG pistols.

SIG entered the "polymer revolution" with its SIG PRO series of pistols, which combined a stainless steel slide with the company's "Nitron" finish and a polymer frame. This latter assembly was one of the first to feature interchangeable grips that could be removed by simply depressing a catch located at the rear of the magazine well. The SIG PRO had a modular fire control unit that could be quickly switched to provide either a double-action/single-action (DA/SA) or a double-action-only (DAO) trigger pull.

The SIG PRO's popularity with U.S. police agencies grew rapidly, and in 2006 SIG introduced an improved version, the SIG SP2022.

Gun Details

The most notable feature of the SP2022 is that the frame has a Picatinny-type rail to accept tactical lights or laser sighting systems. Unlike many other DA/SA pistols, SIG positions the hammer decocking lever at the top of the left-hand grip panel where it can be depressed with the right thumb without having to change your grip on the pistol. The slide stop is just above this and can also be manipulated easily.

In 2003, France's Gendarmerie Nationale placed an order for 270,000 SP2022 pistols. The following year, the U.S. Army's Tank & Armaments Command placed an order for 5,000 pistols.

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Comments (58)

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Jerry @ 6/30/2011 3:54 PM

I ordered the 2022 in 40 S&W. Judging by the review, I will not be disappointed. Thank you.

Dennis @ 7/21/2011 4:41 PM

I just received my 2022 9mm. So glad to have come across your review. Looking forward to getting this baby out to the range. I'm sure I will not be disappointed. Thanks.

Mike @ 7/25/2011 7:12 PM

Good review. I just purchased a new SP 2022 in .40 cal ..not a 2240.
My only complaINT IS THAT SIG is now shipping thier SP 2022 pistols with only 1 mag in all calibers.
If you want more you must by from a LE SIG supplier. Many States do not have them and going thru the supplier plus a dealer in State is quite costly. Dealers charge between $50-$100 to do the paperwork if you don't buy the gun from thier shop. And if they are not a SIG LE Dealer yous can't get the extra mags.

SIG should ship all thier pistols with at least 2 mags. In my humble yet usually correct opinion..:-)

Tom @ 8/24/2011 6:35 PM

I'll have to agree with everyone regarding the SP2022. I purchased one in 9mm this year & love it. I also wish Sig would have provided 2 15 round magazines with the pistol but, oh well. Did find it a bit different from shooting my 1911 though. practice practice practice Tom

David @ 10/16/2011 5:45 PM

I have a couple of these pistols 9mm and 40 cal, you can get you additional high capacity magazines from, they have them in stock for around $34.00 each

Gabe @ 12/6/2011 2:34 PM

CDNN has the 2022 mags 40sw for $15 ea and some times they go on sale like last weekend $10 each!

Larry O @ 12/17/2011 11:34 AM

I have recently purchased a Sig Pro 2022 9mm and having had 25 different makes of handgun, including a carry duty firearm I find it quite a "buy" Now I can have a .40 and a 9mm for the cost of one Standard Sig

Ted @ 1/6/2012 6:18 PM

Everybody is crying about not having 15 round magazines. If you can't hit with 10 rounds, what's the point of 5 more. Go and buy the extra mag. I'd like 2 'mags too, but that's the breaks.

timmy @ 1/20/2012 5:14 AM

I was just wondering i just purchased the 9mm sig i was told it performs as well as the glock 9 just as accurate an the power is good, not big on 40 rather have the 45 but does this 9mm produce the power an punch of a 40 or just you have to change the caliber

Bob @ 1/20/2012 9:56 AM

3 crooks break down your home's front door and enter. You grab your new sp2022 and fire 3 shots at each crook in the darkness of night. You fire your last shot at the 1 crook you see still standing. You've hit all 3 of them but, 1 was crouched, only wounded. He stands up and takes aim. I guess you don't care about extra rounds, but I do.

Richard Cunningham @ 1/29/2012 9:47 PM

Just purchased a Sig Sauer SP2022 this afternoon. Two questions, first, why does it come with a second set of identical grips, and second, why are the 9mm 15 round magazines so much more expensive than the 40 / 357 Sig magazines?

Also the Sig Sauer web site is terrible. There is no way to reach them by email, only by a non 800 (no cost to caller) phone number. They do mention that the customer may have an "extended" wait on hold, at the callers expense

Jared @ 2/14/2012 7:47 AM

I just picked up my sig sp2022 40cal it's the best investment so far if anyone is looking for magazine try eBay I picked up 2 extra mags for 66 dollars total and they are actual sig magazine for your sp2022 they are not cheap plastic knock offs good luck.

Don @ 3/27/2012 9:23 AM

Then don't waste your time with a pitiful 9mm! Grab yourself a 12GA 20" Mossberg Maverick Security 88 with a Streamlite TLR-1 loaded with nine 00 Buckshot rounds (8 in the tube and 1 in the chamber)...this only need one shot from one wounded...all three crooks now in 6 pieces on the floor (nicely cut in half!).

Jack @ 4/19/2012 10:08 PM

Don't shoot at things you can't see,it could be your mother on a suprise visit........If you hit someone with a 40 they will drop......

Ed @ 5/5/2012 5:07 PM

Purchased the Sig SP2022 couple of weeks ago after a lot of research and testing. I love this pistol. Got the night sights with 15 round mag. What a great gun and much underrated. Perfect in every aspect. Good balance, grip and low recoil, plus very accurate. A great gun for the range or for home defense. Give this one an A+.

Bob @ 7/22/2012 7:41 PM

Exactly, get a light and make those shots count!!!

Casey @ 8/7/2012 6:24 AM

I have had my 2022 now for about 2yrs, the gun groups shots well but most are low left... not much but still. 2nd complaint, the slide release is so long it prevents me from shooting with my thumbs fwd because itcauses the slide to shut after firing the last round causing me to dry fire. besides that not one problem, eats anything i feed it and it is a great secondary to my m&P15A.

Casey @ 8/7/2012 6:24 AM

I have had my 2022 now for about 2yrs, the gun groups shots well but most are low left... not much but still. 2nd complaint, the slide release is so long it prevents me from shooting with my thumbs fwd because itcauses the slide to shut after firing the last round causing me to dry fire. besides that not one problem, eats anything i feed it and it is a great secondary to my m&P15A.

Roger Songer @ 9/14/2012 10:02 PM

Have the SP2022 in 40 cal. Love this weapon. Anyone know where I can get a 357 sig barrel for it? Sig has none in stock, nor does Or, if anyone has a barrel for sale, email me at [email protected]

Ken @ 9/26/2012 7:08 PM

have the sig 2022 9mm. nice weapon good balance light weight. and to all it dose not matter what cal.(9mm 40. 45. 38. 357 12ga) you have in your weapon its where you but the round so range time is a must

Ken @ 9/28/2012 5:37 PM

"sorry" Thats put the round (round placement)

Jon @ 10/19/2012 3:04 PM

love the discussion. I was concerned with the 2022 primarily because of the low cost. Will be picking one up tomorrow evening at SIG. My future son-in-law works there and employees get a 50% discount. Lucky me he wants to impress me!

Dave @ 10/29/2012 4:46 PM

Having an old fracture of right hand, I labored to find a low perceived recoil in 9MM. The 2022 delivers in spades, shooting very smooth, more of a "push" ala 1911's! I'm very happy with fit finish & it is far more accurate than I can shoot as my 81 yr old Father proved handily! I couldn't be happier at any price point & highly recommend checking the Sig 2022 out!

Brad @ 11/17/2012 5:06 PM

I am looking at $33 mags for the 2022 offered and the base looks different than the replacement mags sig has on their web page.

Are these $33 at, going to perform as well as the ones sig sells ?

John Ruth @ 11/22/2012 9:40 PM

I am buying an SP2022 9mm tomorrow at my local Academy. Looking forward to breaking it in. I have one comment at this particular time: I see on this thread and others' folks talking up light kits on their weapon. In all due respect I believe that just doesn't make sense. If you are in a low light or dark situation(you can't see them nor they you) when you flash that light you have just given them your location and they just aim at the light = you're dead. If i'm missing something here please correct me but as I write i don't think so. Looking forward to your comments-good or bad.

John @ 12/2/2012 8:00 PM

I just bought one and it came with a laser. The pistol is absolutely amazing. I'm a proficient shot with a pistol, but I am not a great shot. At 15 yards I'm putting groups in a quarter with iron sights. Same with the laser. Target aquisition with the laser is really cool too. I love the trigger on single action.

Eric @ 12/4/2012 4:40 PM

John Ruth, i disagree with your assessment. The lights on guns these days are so powerfull that I look at it like a first line of defense. Its going to blind an attacker. If they try shooting at the light they are going to be doing so with their eyes closed. Not to mention when you have kids in the house the need from proper threat recognition far outweighs giving up my position.

Gregg @ 12/7/2012 12:53 AM

Bought my 2022 from academy back in 2010. I ordered two extra mags from cdnn and they perform flawlessly. I also ordered the shortened tactical trigger from Top Gun, it makes a world of difference.

Steven @ 12/16/2012 12:21 AM

I just bought my sp2022 .40 from a local gunshow for $399(plus a 6hour >_< backround check) it's a beauty. From what iv seen that's a good deal brandnew. I don't think you can find many (if any) better .40s&w under $420. There are some deals online but in my state I can walk in a store with cash and leave with the gun hours later. No waiting for shipping ect... If you can find this gun for 400 I'd say it's a great deal. . . . .
Mags are vary spendy. $33. My springfeild xd mags are $25 and it adds up quick when you spend more $ on the best ammo.

Billy @ 12/22/2012 1:24 PM

I agree with Mike & Tom regarding the extra mag. I think Sig should supply the pistol with 2ea 15rd mags, other than that my SP2022 9mm is a absolute amazing pistol to shoot. As regards to the 15rd mags, I'm a proficient shot with a pistol and prefer to hit my target 15 times instead of 10 times, and why not carry 30rds instead of 20rds. just a thought.

mando @ 12/27/2012 5:50 AM

I have my new 2022 I'm taking my Saturday to the sooting range thanks for comments i field way better my 2022

Leif @ 1/1/2013 9:59 AM

I bought the Sp 2022 in 9mm and absolutely love it. It came with the laser attached and after adjusting the laser I can not be happier. Both open sights and laser are very accurate and the low recoil of the weapon makes it easy to reaquire your target quickly after each shot. I could not be happier with this weapon. It out performs many more expensive weapons. Also, I read a couple posts that talk about the wait for the background check from 6 hours to a day or two. My state takes 5 minutes. So it is much better to walk into the gun shop and buy there as there is no wait. Also because I have a carry permit, there is no background check now which makes it nice. But this SIG Sauer is a great weapon at a very low price. Much better than the 9mm Beretta I carried in the military. For a short barrel pistol, (3.5") rather than the preferred (4.9") barrel, the accuracy is remarkable. Also, it is easily disassembled for easy cleaning. This has become my favorite weapon now. Also, the 9mm version makes for less expensive range time as the ammunition is cheaper.

DAN @ 1/9/2013 5:35 PM

looking for a holster sp2022 40cal with a light/laser on rail any one can help me find one thanks dan

BIG MIKE @ 3/23/2013 8:40 PM

SIG does supply [2] 15 rd mags with the SP2022. Unless you live in the People's Republic of californis, NY, Mass. Conn. NJ MD Washington DC. Where 10 rds or less is the law in those Nanny States.

gavin @ 5/24/2013 9:15 AM

Looking fora new magazine for my sp 2022

Tyler @ 6/22/2013 5:04 PM

I also love mi sp2022 but did you guys have to take your gun to someone to adjust the sights or were they already on point??

Blake @ 7/18/2013 2:53 AM

Love my 2022! In response to other comments, I would recommend just calling sig for mags,it took about a week to be delivered, two months ago and they're pretty much the same price as anyone else. And my sights were right on out of the box. Tack driver! IMHO

Blake @ 8/11/2013 7:43 PM

In my extremely humble opinion. just my .02

Ed @ 9/30/2013 2:23 AM

"I have had my 2022 now for about 2yrs, the gun groups shots well but most are low left... not much but still. 2nd complaint, the slide release is so long it prevents me from shooting with my thumbs fwd because it causes the slide to shut after firing the last round causing me to dry fire. besides that not one problem, eats anything i feed it and it is a great secondary to my [SR15E3 MOD1]."

This has been my experience with the SP2022 as well.

Cory @ 10/2/2013 2:14 PM

I baught my 2022 about 4 months ago and could not of been more satisfied with it. I am a Fugitive Recovery Agent in Missouri and carry it as my duty weapon. No problems with the sights as well. I had about a 1 inch grouping for one magazine then my father in law did the same. Excellent weapon. Sig did a good job.

Bob @ 1/9/2014 8:01 PM

Love it! Was the best bribe to goto the dentist!!! Sights right on- great tight groups- soft recoil can't beat!

Daniel Harder @ 8/30/2014 11:56 PM

Bought my 2022 just two days ago. It came with one mag and to my surprise a very nice holster. Yes I would have liked an extra mag but the clenched for me was the nice Sig-Saur brand holster. This was brand new in the box from Academy Sports. I am extremely pleased with this weapon. It feels superb in my hand and is a natural shooter. Meaning, whatever it aim at is pretty dead on accurate.
Range time today was shooting 100 rounds of white box Winchester 9mm. It ate it up and I have to say it really shot like a dream. From the holster I drew from the weaver stance and applied the double tap method. First round being double action then second round with single action then de-cock and reholster and repeat. I did this without using the sights at about ten paces from target and was hitting dead center. This thing out shoots my Glock 19 as well as my FNP-9. I have to say I'm rather impressed and extremely pleased with this weapon. It will be my carry weapon for sure.

Bill Miller @ 11/8/2014 12:59 PM

Just bought the SP2022 today. Very nice - have not had a chance to shoot it yet. Cleaning it from all the factory oil. Nice kit, came with 2 15 clip mag's (12 rounds for the 40 cal)
However tried to load the clips and could only fit a max of 7 rounds. Even disassembled the clips to make sure nothing was jammed - all good - spring a little tight. Made sure I lubricated both the spring and the inside edges of the clip. Still could only fit a max of 7 rounds (180 gr FMJ Winchester target loads).
Anyone else with this issue and any suggestions - beside returning the magazines back to the dealer for possible replacement. They should fit 12 rounds (they are not the 10 round limit clips) as I do not live in a restricted state.

Thank you in advance.


Tim @ 11/21/2014 1:14 AM

I just picked up a e2022 9mm 15 rd i love it note ctd sold out. This was brand new made in oct 2014 it come with plastic hard case an 2 15rd mags as well as 2 grips. I have put few rounds of 9mm nato ammo threw it an it was loud but soft on recoil. I like the feel of this pistol and the price out door in all with transfers 400buck cant beat i do like the one i have comes with out a safety. Well worth the money.

david v @ 1/13/2015 6:40 PM

I had this 2022 for a few months. I am a maricopa sherifs volunteer and having problems. I have multiple handguns and this is the ONLY one i have a 1' DOWN 1' east drop on it. I have had a few people shoot it with the same result. Did i make a mistake by getting this one? I also have the p230 with witch i.
Am still carrying due to not trusting the p2022 for protection on the field. I am open to any suggestions, allthought i will like to stay with ss.

david v @ 1/13/2015 6:41 PM

Sorry, I got the .40 cal 12 rd p2022.very disappointed.

john @ 3/14/2015 11:28 AM

Disappointed with the gun. It jams constantly. Major problem is fully seating a round. Round hangs up 3/4s into the chamber. Working better now after 200 rds, however i will never completely trust the gun.

frank phillips @ 3/21/2015 10:11 PM

I also purchased a 2022 in desert tan, was wondering if anyone was having a re assembly issue? My problem-when I insert the slide catch lever the slide sometimes wont go into full battery. anyone else having this problem?

Jason @ 3/22/2015 2:01 PM

I bought this gun used and had the same problem of the round failing to full seat several times after loading a new mag and racking the slide. Plus I had a stove pipe all in 300 rds fired. I did not clean it after I bought it used so maybe that was the issue. Lucky for me my XDM has not had a single problem in over 2000 rounds fired so I'll trust it with my life.

Andre Frank @ 3/23/2015 8:04 AM

@Bill miller i bought my 2022 a few days ago .40 cal and i could only get 10 in the mag not 12...springs are very stiff on both mags.

Bryan Stone @ 4/6/2015 9:55 AM

This is the second 2022 I have owned. The first fell victim to an incredible trade offer (Kahr CW45 + Bersa UC9mm for the 2022). I liked the Sig enough to want another, since it was very accurate and I never had any reliability issues with it. Found another used one at $300, bought it and took it to the range. There were immediate major problems with no-fires, as many as 6 per 15 round mag. The more I shot, the worse it became, until it would not fire at all, only leaving light strikes on the primer. Turns out, the previous owner, in his enthusiasm to lubricate the gun, lubed it with a grease that smelled like wintergreen. He greased the firing pin mechanism, which caused the whole mechanism to be fouled. After a very thorough cleaning from my gunsmith, the firing pin is working with no more hiccups- just the Sig reliability I expected in the first place. Oh, and the former owner, he adjusted the price to reflect the cost of cleaning out his mistake. Really like it now.

Ron @ 4/7/2015 7:58 PM

Bought my Sig Pro 2022 at Academy Sports for $429 in March, it came with a hard plastic case, two 15 round mags, nice plastic holster, gun lock, extra grip for handle. A hard decision between the Sig Pro and the S&W MP 9MM... so when with the reviews as I hardly found any negatives on the Sig. Ron in Georgia

Don @ 4/12/2015 8:45 AM

After reading many reviews I picked up the 9mm version at our local gun shop for $449. It came in a hard case with 2- 15 rnd mags, contrast sights and an extra grip. Went out to the range and ran 50 rounds through it with zero flaws. Sorry I didn't bring more ammo with me. The recoil was smooth and felt very comfortable in the hand. Similar to other reports it shot a little to the left, but not low. I have a Beretta M9, a XD9 and a Kahr CW9 and I believe I like shooting this SIG better than the others. It is a great shooter at a great price. Glad I made the purchase. After a few more rounds I think it'll be ready for the night stand.

Bob @ 7/4/2015 10:58 AM

My SP2022 odyssey started in August 2014 with a Sig Mosquito that I could not resist, in spite of its reviews, for $265.00 new from a local Gun shop. I thought this would be great to take to the range with my grandson. And that it was, if you were only going to work on stove pipes, FTEs and FTFs. I sent it back to Sig 3 times for the same problems after 2,500+ rounds. The fourth time in they switched it out for a SP2022 in 9mm plus the transfer fee from my local FFL holder (Pannell Firearms). On April 1, 2015, the SP2022 arrived with two 15 round mags, holster, case & safety locking cable. The first thing I did was to take it down, clean, reassemble and take it to the range (Pannell’s)and put 100 rounds through it without a problem. Since then I have put another 500+ rounds through it without a problem. Sig far exceeded my expectations with their response to my problem riddled Mosquito . When it comes to reliability, accuracy, and ease of maintenance, Sig’s SP2022 is hard to beat.

Sinner @ 1/21/2016 3:06 AM

Just wanting to make sure how can you tell whether a SIG can shoot Hollow Points?

DENNIS HORWATH @ 2/4/2016 8:46 AM


Rob @ 9/5/2016 11:48 AM

I traded in a Glock 27 to get my 2022 .40. I've put maybe 500 rounds through it so far. No problems. It'a real gem to shoot. I love the trigger, but we know there's no trigger like a Sig trigger.

On the subject of mag sizes. To assume we can nail several moving targets while we are moving, and under duress, possibly very recently awoken, with 10 rounds, pretty much assumes we have battle experience. Hat's off to those that do, but most of us don't. More rounds are very helpful.

SKANKHUNT42 @ 12/9/2016 10:07 PM

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Anybody know of any good Shemale/Tranny Porn sites that are good for jerking off to ?????????

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