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Stacy Dean Stephens

VP Marketing & Sales

PW6 In-Car Camera System - PatrolWitness
The new PW6 In-Car Video System from PatrolWitness is compact, rugged, and...

Product Patrol

Launchable Car Tagging and Tracking System

Company: StarChase

January 01, 2008

StarChase is a company specializing in tagging and tracking pursuit management solutions for law enforcement. What that means is if your patrol car is outfitted with the StarChase device, you can push a button and launch a small, sticky GPS transmitter onto a car bumper to wirelessly track the vehicle without a lengthy and dangerous high-speed pursuit. New advances added in response to testing by the LAPD and Florida Highway Patrol include a laser to facilitate aim, a backlit control panel, and a remote control launch switch that can be activated outside of the car.

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