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FBI Unlocks San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone, Drops Apple Legal Fight

March 28, 2016  | 

Federal officials said Monday that they have unlocked the iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters and are dropping a request in front of a federal judge that sought to force Apple to help with that effort, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The move comes a week after officials announced a "third party" had come forward to help investigators unlock the phone without help from the computer giant. It's unclear what the FBI found on the phone.

"Our decision to conclude the litigation was based solely on the fact that, with the recent assistance of a third party, we are now able to unlock that iPhone without compromising any information on the phone," prosecutors said in a statement.

"We sought an order compelling Apple to help unlock the phone to fulfill a solemn commitment to the victims of the San Bernardino shooting – that we will not rest until we have fully pursued every investigative lead related to the vicious attack," the statement said. "Although this step in the investigation is now complete, we will continue to explore every lead, and seek any appropriate legal process, to ensure our investigation collects all of the evidence related to this terrorist attack. The San Bernardino victims deserve nothing less."

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Leonard Mather @ 3/28/2016 6:39 PM

I love cryptic messages that imply that God Works in Mysterious Ways. That will upset the Jihadi, the Terrorists and the "fearful Americans" who fret over the government finding their "secrets" that apparently supersede solving terrorism. I LOVE this solution. I will allow for Paranoids to "What-if" themselves endlessly.

Rich @ 3/28/2016 6:58 PM

Apple makes me sick, I will forever own an android device now. It's not like the feds wanted info on a locked phone belonging to a child or modern citizen, we are talking about a Terrorist and their terrorist act on homeland.

Richisanidiot @ 3/28/2016 7:41 PM

Rich you truly don't understand what the implications would have been if Apple proceeded with assisting the FBI in this case... I applaud Apple for standing firm....

OK then @ 3/29/2016 6:15 AM

A reasonable response from Apple would have been to do it under specific circumstances and on a case by case basis.

kevCopAz @ 3/29/2016 7:35 AM

This was all done incorrectly. The Gov and Apple should never have made this public, Apple should have complied as the Law should have and would have made them in the end. Gathering ANY information is legal with a warrant. You could have used the same logic with tapping phones 100 years ago. Apple's actions were not patriotic, illegal and self supporting...all about $. They are interested in Apple and Apple only, they are international and not interested in being an "American" company, just American $. Apple conveniently didn't make it public when they bowed to China's demand to basically inspect (or worse) every I-Phone sent there, they were not concerned with "public privacy" then....Hypocrites! So I as well am very anti-Apple now as are many of my family and friends. Boycott is what they needed, remember its all about $ for them. This could have all been handled quietly, but Apple chose to broadcast their stance. I hope they lose millions of $.

Robert @ 3/29/2016 3:03 PM

kevCopAz...I disagree with your logic and arguments.
This was not Apple's phone, it was owned by the local government...they were free to modify the phone and provide any records required.
1. However, in this case the FBI was asking a third party to specifically perform and act it did not want to do. Can the FBI force a surgeon to perform surgery to remove a bullet, from someone shot, to perform ballistics tests.
2. A federal court, in a different district, has already ruled that the All Writs act cannot be used in this manner. I am sure this NY case will move forward with appeals.
3. The Chinese government has not asked Apple to hack one of their phones...and one of the main reasons Apple fought the FBI request is the fear of how the 'key' would be used. Once they make the 'key' for the FBI, the Chinese, Russians and any other government could force apple to make a key for them.

You are perfectly free to boycott apple.

John retired IA PD @ 3/30/2016 7:45 PM

I hope that there is information on the phone that can be used to stop other terrorist attacks. Any guesses on who the 3rd party was? A secret that good will not be a secret for long.

Herman P @ 4/1/2016 9:34 AM

The "Third Party" was an Israeli Tech co; the process has also been protected by the FBI

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