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Transforming Police Reporting with Speech Recognition Technology

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018 -- 11:00 AM PT/2:00 PM ET

An exceeding number of police departments and law enforcement agencies, whose officers spend upwards of 3-4 hours a day completing incident reports and other time-sensitive paperwork*, are turning to smarter tools, such as speech recognition solutions, to help transform their police reporting workflows.

Join us on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 2:00 PM ET to hear why these law enforcement professionals are embracing smarter tools to complete higher-quality reports and move mission-critical information within the CAD/RMS faster and more efficiently – all by voice.

This discussion will provide you with an understanding of:

  • What law enforcement has to say about current reporting processes
  • Why officers, especially recruits, want smarter tools to help with police paperwork
  • Why manual reporting has a negative impact on report accuracy and productivity and can hinder criminal proceedings
  • How departments can speed up data entry within the CAD/RMs and move mission-critical information more accurately and efficiently
  • How speech recognition technology can help increase officer safety and improve situational awareness and productivity on patrol
  • Why embracing smarter technology increases community visibility, and minimizes costs

Learn how your department can make incident reporting faster, safer and more complete by registering for our webinar today.

*Role of Technology in Law Enforcement Paperwork Survey 


Eric La Scola, Product Marketing Manager, Dragon, Nuance

Product News

LAPD to Outfit All Officers with TASER Axon Body Cameras and

December 17, 2014  | 

TASER International today announced the purchase of 860 Axon body-worn video cameras and a five-year subscription to by the Los Angeles Police Department. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti further announced a plan by the city to equip a total of 7,000 officers with body cameras in 2015.

With this announcement, TASER is launching a new service plan called the "Officer Safety Plan," which was developed in close collaboration with the LAPD. The Officer Safety Plan includes all of the advanced features of, unlimited storage, a service plan that includes automatic upgrades of the Axon Cameras every 2.5 years, and upgrades of the associated TASER devices every five years, as well as full hardware equipment warranties and service (see details below). The LAPD has selected the Officer Safety Plan as its subscription plan to to maximize budget predictability and minimize total cost across both product suites.

"The Los Angeles Police Department continues to be a technology leader in law enforcement," said Los Angeles Police Department Chief of Police Charlie Beck. "Today, we are announcing a new program designed to provide maximum safety to our officers and the community we serve, while bringing a new level of trust and transparency to police work. In 2015, we will begin issuing wearable cameras to front line officers to increase transparency and to document the good work our officers do every day. It is our goal to make these important tools available to every front line officer over the next few years."

"We're thrilled that the Los Angeles Police Department has selected us to support them in this monumental step for their agency," says Rick Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of TASER International. "Given its size and world-wide recognition as a technology leader, the Los Angeles Police Department has unique logistical needs. We collaborated closely with LAPD to create our new Officer Safety Plan to help serve agencies that want to have complete predictability of the costs of their on-officer video and TASER programs in one simple plan. We consider ourselves a long-term partner and want to ensure that our customers are successful in getting their officers equipped with our body cameras without the concern of managing variable data storage costs in the future."

This order was announced yesterday by the Mayor of Los Angeles at a press conference, along with intention to budget for a total of approximately 7,000 cameras in the next budget year to equip all front line LAPD officers. The order for the first 860 units is expected in the fourth quarter of 2014 and is expected to ship in the first half of 2015. Revenue will be recognized over the five-year term of the program.

About TASER International, Inc.

Founded in 1993, TASER International was first known for its electrical weapons for law enforcement. TASER's growing suite of technology solutions includes Axon body-worn video cameras and, a secure digital evidence management platform.

Comments (8)

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kevCopAz @ 12/17/2014 11:55 AM

Wow does the public know the COST of doing this for every Cop and how much it is to store the video etc etc. HUGE costs!. No wonder that LA (CA in general) is so far in the red! Heck I wouldn't be surprised if some of these body camera manufacturers are behind some of the protests (JOKE!) They will make a bundle. I should have bought more Taser stock!. Lets hope the cities that do this do NOT take it from the Police budget and away from other more worthy items but instead give the EXTRA money required to the Police Budget AND if they don't have it, raise taxa on folks to pay for it. Public ask for it, they PAY for it.

Question: what are we going to do when and if the camera malefactions and does not record something? Or if the camera just dent show the incident in its entirety ? I am sure that the anti coup crowd will scream cover up then and require Cops to do some other costly and useless thing to satisfy their whim, you know the pols will jump as high as they ask them too!.

sgtmac @ 12/17/2014 12:10 PM

Wow, Taser International stock is going to go through the roof.......Talked about being in the right place at the right time with the right product. First came the M26 and now they're going to have the Axon ready whenever the entire country is going to demand police wear them. They'll make a fortune before the competition can catch up.

As for storage......Taser International has been pretty smart jumping on board doing their own cloud storage, rather than some companies who require the individual departments to have their own database.

Taser needs to send Al Sharpton and Barrack Obama a big thank you card.

Andy @ 12/17/2014 12:14 PM

Good, now the public will see what a great job the officers of the LAPD do and the type of calls for service they deal with on a daily basis. The one good thing about the camera is it shows both ways. I have nothing but respect for any Law Enforcement officer, especially those in big cities. It will be a real eye opener for some to see how some people live their lives and end up dealing with the police. Stay safe out there.

Dan @ 12/17/2014 1:03 PM

Yes, cameras can aid showing the ignorant public what we LEOs deal with on an everyday basis. And if, all of the officers wear the clear lens glasses style camera, where the camera mounts to the arm of the lenses, and not a chest version, or lapel version, then they can be very effective. If the camera is worn on the lapel, or on the chest, it will be limited in view. It will not truly reflect the officer's view of the incident. In addition, although the video may help to show the public true accounts of situations and UOF incidents, it completely underminds an officer word. I understand over the last decade, if it is not on tape (digital audio) then it never happened, but know, unless it is on video, then it did not happen. What an officer says will never mean anything anymore. It is a shame that law enforcement is being reduced to a complete ditigal function. ROBOCOP is closer than we think.

TX Lawman @ 12/17/2014 1:12 PM

The purchase is just the upfront cost. In our department we have already had several watchdog groups and the media request ALL videos from our bodycams from inception of use. That's about 6 months now. By law we can only charge the customer a fraction of what it really costs us, not to mention we are going to have to set up a team of officers to pull all the video and copy it. Gotta love it. Merry Christmas all!

Chief101 @ 12/17/2014 1:23 PM

This is a good is a necessary evil. However it will put a huge dent in all of false claims of brutality and other issues...that said people will find other avenues to spread hate and blame officers for other false claims...In 10 years as a Chief of Police I found that maybe only 3 to 5 percent of claims against officers had any merit..the body cameras will that LAPD will use will cut lawsuits drastically..they video does not's a good thing for all envolved..

RetiredChief @ 12/17/2014 4:03 PM

Sorry Chief101 but as a retired chief myself who held that rank for 15 years in CA I disagree. Yes there are times when having audio/video evidence of the facts of an officer-citizen encounter might be helpful. But the downsides, in addition to cost, outweigh the benefits. Less aggressive (I don't mean abusive) police work will result. In cities that have had cameras for awhile that is already the case. Officers burdened with them frankly admit they are backing away from situations because they no longer feel free to use the (justified) language it takes to get the attention of a hard core ex con or the (justified) force which might be needed to deal with a violent felon. If for no other reason than the fact that the pussy president advocates cameras I would refuse to buy them. He and his corrupt DOJ need to stay the hell out of local law enforcement issues.

crispianranger @ 12/17/2014 8:06 PM

Remember the days when we were trusted, and only needed a revolver with six rounds, a pair of handcuffs, and a Buck 110 knife? What ever happened to respect and discipline - on both sides of the coin?

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