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Colo. Town Considers Drone Hunting Bounties

August 26, 2013  | 

The tiny plains town of Deer Trail, Colo., is considering issuing hunting permits for government drones and offering bounties for debris from a shot-down government drone.

The town would likely become a government attraction for gun enthusiasts and people skeptical of government surveillance if its residents approve the permits during Oct. 8 voting, reports The Denver Channel.

The city would charge $25 for drone hunting licenses which would be valid for one year. The town would also offer $100 to anyone who brings in debris from an unmanned aircraft from the federal government.

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garydon @ 8/26/2013 5:07 PM

Colorado always has been rather independent- until it elected a bunch of nanny anti-gun folks for political office.

I foresee a federal law about to be enforced.

Boston @ 8/26/2013 5:15 PM

Great another law suit in the works

Capt. Crunch @ 8/26/2013 6:01 PM

Maybe I"m, behind times but why would a American city government want to shoot down American drones?

Illbebetter @ 8/26/2013 6:31 PM

The real question should be: Why the hell is the US government flying drones over the US spying on civilians?

Capt. Crunch @ 8/26/2013 6:48 PM

Illbebetter, I would think the drones do the same or some types of things patrol cars do except the drones are in the air. I guess this is the future.

Thor Odinson @ 8/27/2013 12:11 AM

There are a few things you all as citizens enjoy but forget about. The 4th Amendment means those TV shows with somebody banging on the door while shouting "Federal Agents" just before kicking the door in--are bunk. They also cannot peer over your 6 ft. cedar fence. Legally the land around your home is
called curtilage. In Colorado a cop kicking in your door with no warrant can be shot. Same for curtilage. They can ask a neighbor for entry on their property and look through or over THEIR fence onto your property. A drone or plane or balloon can spy on you BUT according to Obama that doesn't happen in the US
so some people can shoot them down. You probably own mineral rights below the surface--how about the air space? Most cities have ordinances against discharging firearms in city limits but Deer Trail? Probably not. Read your US and state constitutions. Let's get back to the Constitution. Live free!!!

Leo @ 8/27/2013 6:22 AM

I think some of you need to relax. I am conservative, served my nation in the armed forces, believe in the constitution, and am currently in law enforcement. Last time I checked, we should be working to protect our nation and communities and the drone, if properly and legally utilized, can be an additional tool to achieving that common goal. There is not necessarily a boogeyman or conspiracy around every corner.

AJ @ 8/27/2013 6:37 AM

@Thor Odinson... clearly not a legal scholar..."In Colorado a cop kicking in your door with no warrant can be shot." Thor, people with your intelligence are dangerous for all the wrong reasons. 1. Ever hear of exigency? 2. If the warrant , that one judge already signed, gets invalidated by another judge, that will be no legal defense to shooting at the cops. You cannot ask the officers for a "time out" to review the warrant.

And curtilage?!?!? are you kidding me!?!? In Colorado you can't shoot anyone just for trespassing your curtilage unless the present a deadly threat to you or another. You truly are an ignoramus. Cops cross peoples curtilage millions of times a day... to knock on front doors you nincompoop.

Dennis @ 8/27/2013 7:48 AM

Don't know about Colorado but here in Arizona we have a law prohibiting firing a gun into the air. Has to do with physics; the bullet will come back down. The law here in Arizona was inacted due to the death of a child being hit in the head by a falling bullet fired into the air by someone just for the fun of it. Now you want to make it legal for any idiot with a gun and $25 to fire off rounds at whatever he/she thinks might be a drone? Will there be recognition classes? How will the city know what drone debris looks like?

terry @ 8/27/2013 10:04 AM

With spy cameras in space they can already do it. It is just more expensive to put them in space. Don't see the real issue hear.

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