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Video: N.M. Cop's On-Body Cam Captures Deadly Force

July 28, 2011  | 

VIDEO: On-Body Cam Captures N.M. Police Shooting

An Albuquerque (N.M.) Police officer's on-body lapel video camera captured an enraged, knife-wielding suspect who shook off two TASER shots before forcing the officer to use deadly force.

Officer Damian Lujan fired seven or eight shots at 33-year-old Orlando Paisano at an apartment complex in June. Paisano's girlfriend had called police to report that Paisano was beating her and her family members.

Officer Lujan and Officer Jung confronted the suspect, who had a long dagger-like knife. When Paisano refused to drop the knife, Officer Jung hit the suspect with a TASER round. Paisano again refused to drop the knife and Officer Jung used another TASER round on him. Officer Lujan then shoots Paisano who falls to the ground and drops the knife.

In a KOB news report, Paisano's brother Francis Paisano has said officers should have done more to protect his enraged brother, and should have shot him in the leg.

The lapel camera, which is manufactured by Scorpion, records audio and video. The device backs up its data on an 8GB mini-SD card and operates with an on-board battery lasting up to eight hours on stand-by and three hours while actively recording, Albuquerque PD's Officer Robert Gibbs tells POLICE Magazine.

They are attached to the front of the uniform shift by a cloth holder specifically developed for the device.

"There is a small button on top to engage the recorder," Gibbs tells POLICE. "You simply transfer what you'd like onto a DVD and tag it into evidence."

Source: KOB

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Comments (8)

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Jim @ 7/28/2011 4:48 PM

The video doesn't even show anything. It didn't "capture" the shooting. It a shot of the officers arm as he fires the shots and that's about it. At least the clip shown on the news. I'm assuming the full tape shows more of the contact, maybe we'll get to see that some day.

As far as the brothers comments, it clearly shows the ignorance that is out there when it comes to the dangers and demands of police work. Leg shots, give me a break. He hopes this will be used as a steping stone to APD becoming a "better department". It's going to be used as a text book example of handling a deadly force situation. One officer tried a less leathal option while a second officer was there, presumably as cover with a leathal force option. When the taser failed to end the threat (twice), deadly force was used and ended the threat. Both good guys went home safe and no innocent civilians were injured. Like I said, text book.

garywilson @ 7/28/2011 5:19 PM

Nice. Kudos, officers, for not waiting too long and for not letting him get too close.
Hey Jim... it shows bad guy with the knife, TASER probes stuck to his shirt, records officer's orders to 'drop it', records the quick shots, and the knife laying next to bad guy before they hooked him up.
What esle could you as for other than it being directed by John Ford?

Tom @ 7/28/2011 6:49 PM

Why is it that the news media always seem to want to find a relative and get their take on any police shooting? The relative invariably will say that the police over reacted or used too much force. Or they will say how great the suspect was and that he was just getting his life turned around and thinking of attending college or some other BS. In this case the brain dead brother thinks that the police shot too many times and that his brother should have been shot in the leg. Why do we care what the brother thinks! The option of his brother dropping the knife apparently eludes him.

duffey @ 7/29/2011 8:16 AM

The suspect's actions & failure to comply with police orders caused the reaction. Good tactic by Officers having Taser deployed along with lethal back-up. The suspect initiated the entire incident & chose continued non-compliance to lawful authority & authorized use of force.

Doug @ 7/29/2011 8:36 AM

Even though the actual shooting wasn't visable, the audio commands were unmistakable. The guy was tazed twice and still refused to comply with the officers' commands to drop the knife. As far as I'm concerned, the ball game is over at that point.

scpdblue @ 7/29/2011 10:43 AM

We are taught to shoot to eliminate the threat. The subject was a threat.He had the opportunity,He had the ability and he put the officer in jeopardy.This scumbag was told several times to drop the knife he did not comply with the orders but advanced toward the officer.A minimum distance when confronted with a subject with a knife is 21 feet,the scumbag was within 21 feet and closing.He was tased twice with no effect.With the above facts the scumbag was hot to bad he wasn't DRT that would have saved the taxpayers a lot of money in medical and prosecution cost.... By the way has anybody checked the legal status of this scumbag?

Deadman @ 7/29/2011 3:06 PM

I believe the scumbag was practicing to be a politician.Good response to a bad situation,the officers worked well together.Another good reaction to a situation like this,do not elaborate to anybody at scene as to what your training taught you or required you to do,don't say anything until you have slowed down and have come down from the incident,concentrate on completing task first.Again,great job.

j costa @ 7/31/2011 2:27 PM

Of course the family will say the cops could have used some other type of force. Are you kidding me. The guy was tazed twice. There was no other way to stop him. If the cop would have been stabbed, then the family would say. "Oh well that's part of the job.

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