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GTBM Info-Cop

Connecting officers in the field to crime databases and other life-saving information, this software operates on PCs and handheld computers.

October 01, 2004  |  by Bob Davis

Throughout much of the last century, law enforcement agencies relied on voice radio systems to link field officers to dispatch centers. When a cop needed to run a warrant on a subject, he picked up his hand mic and called dispatch.

That's how we did things in the old days. Now you most likely have a computer in your car, and that computer links you to dispatch, and in some agencies lucky enough have such systems, to databases that feed you information.

The main reason that such high-tech communications systems are not as prevalent as they could be in local police cars is quite simple: cost. It takes a lot of money to move that data out to the cars and the cost has been prohibitive for many agencies.

But that, too, has been changing. In the last few years, a number of systems have been developed to bring down the cost of wireless database access in police cars and make it commonplace. One such system that's gaining users is Info-Cop.

Developed by law enforcement officers working with New Jersey-based GTBM Inc., Info-Cop offers state-of-the-art technology at a reasonable price. Yeah, OK, the first thing you have to ask about systems like this is what does "state of the art" mean? So let's look at some of the features of this software.

Info-Cop gives you wireless access to local, state, and national law enforcement databases and supports all available NCIC 2000 features. Best of all, it offers you all of these features at a lower price than some of its competitors that require proprietary hardware.

Info-Cop runs on popular hardware that anyone can purchase. You can operate Info-Cop software on a PC, a PDA, the newer "smart phones," and even on handheld e-mail devices like the RIM Blackberry. The wireless signal can be transmitted over your existing radio channels, if spectrum and licensing permit, or over any public/private IP-based networks such as CDMA, MESH, GPRS, 802.11, the new emerging EV-DO standard, or even an older standard like CDPD. But don't let anyone sell you on CDPD, as it is on its way out.

Info-Cop is all about options. Instead of purchasing proprietary hardware from a huge, multi-national communications company with a strangle hold on the public safety market, you can buy an appropriate PC right from the wholesaler. Instead of building and maintaining your own data backbone-that will be obsolete in a few years-you can do as many agencies have done already and negotiate a monthly fee for passing all of your data.

Info-Cop's user interface is easy to learn and simple to use. You don't have to enter strings of code just to run a name check. Instead, Info-Cop presents you with different screens for different tasks. You fill out your query and then the system checks it to see if it's complete. If there's a problem, Info-cop will let you know so that you can correct it and resubmit.

The software then sends the corrected query over your wireless network to the appropriate database. A response message comes back from your query that is formatted and parsed so that you see the most important portion of data first. For example, if the guy you've stopped for driving erratically is driving a stolen car, that info comes up at the top so that you can take appropriate measures. You also can receive prompts by visual and or audible queues as determined by your agency.

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